"Wonderful Life"

by Donna Zenz

"Wonderful Life" is one of the first paintings I ever did.  My paintings are almost always completely spontaneous.  I have a very difficult time when I'm asked to paint something specific.  Instead, I purchase the canvas (or, in this case, the canvas panel) and keep it around for awhile.  I love to look at blank canvas and think about all the things that could be created.  Sometimes I rub my hands over the smooth surface and pretty soon something just comes to me and I paint.  Most of the time, it's the color that comes first and I'm never sure exactly what will evolve.  I love rubbing the paint into the canvas with my hands and fingers and I almost always use this technique to start a painting.  "Wonderful Life" started that way.

Trees can be so symbolic of life.  My education has been in psychology and one of the tools therapists use is to have the client draw a tree.  The more full and detailed the tree is, the more detailed and complex the life of the artist is.  "Wonderful Life" came to me with a memory of myself, growing up in the central valley of California.  I can almost smell the fresh morning air mixed with the aroma of the ripening grapes on the vines and the moist soil. I can feel the warm sun on my face when I look at "Wonderful Life".

~ Donna Zenz

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