Who Was Edgar Cayce?

Briefly, Edgar Cayce was born in l877 and lived until l945, and for more than 40 years of his life gave what is called a psychic "reading". As a young man he discovered that he had an unusual ability to put himself into an altered state of consciousness. And from this self-induced, altered state of awareness, he was able to answer questions or respond to suggestions which were read to him. In giving a reading he was able to tap a universal level of mind within himself. He seemed to have access to virtually all knowledge.

Of the recorded readings which we have, more than 14,000 in number, roughly two-thirds are physical readings, readings for people who had physical, health problems. They either came to Edgar Cayce or wrote to him, and received a reading which diagnosed the origin of their physical problem and recommended a course of treatment. We also have recorded readings of spiritual and psychological advice, readings about prayer and meditation, and readings about pre-history. Also more than 1,000 dreams were brought to Edgar Cayce over a course of many years and interpreted by this source.

Edgar Cayce was called the "sleeping prophet" and is the most documented psychic of our time. He advocated that we learn to contact our higher selves, and pattern ourselves to become "a channel through which only the Fatherhood of God, the brotherhood of man, the universal Christ Consciousness may be applied in the lives and the affairs of individuals in every way and manner."

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