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A timeless message from the man who is the subject of the best-selling book,
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The Two Most Important Questions in the World

By Nick Bunick

The two most important questions in the world have been asked since the beginning of time. People from all walks of life, the most powerful people in the world, and those seeking truth and understanding, as well as those struggling for existence, have all wanted to know—what is the purpose of their lives and what is their relationship with God?

In my book, Time for Truth, I discuss the answers to these two questions in detail, but today I want to share with you a synopsis of these answers for they are the keys to your living a  life filled with harmony and peace of heart, mind and soul. The two answers to the questions are interconnected for you cannot have one without the other.

The Church has taught us that you are over here (on the left), God is over there (on the right), and the Church is in the middle between you and God.  Many millions have been taught that you cannot have God without the Church being the conduit to God. Without the Church, you cannot have salvation and redemption from God….which is totally false.

The spirit of God is inside of you. You are a part of God and God is a part of you. No person or organization has the right to claim they control that personal relationship between you and God. The reason you are an immortal child of God is because the lord’s spirit is inside of you and eternally connected to your soul. YOUR PURPOSE IN LIFE IS TO BECOME AT ONE WITH GOD.

Visualize inside of you a pyramid of 1000 steps. At the very top of the pyramid is God and Christ Consciousness. Your goal in life is to climb those stairs, one at a time, until you reach the top and are at one with God and Christ Consciousness. Every one of you is at a different step and the higher you climb on your way to the top, the more spiritually evolved you are becoming. But you may only be able to climb a few steps each lifetime, and that is why reincarnation is so important. REMEMBER, YOU ARE NOT HUMAN BEINGS THAT BY COINCIDENCE HAVE A SPIRIT AND A SOUL. YOU ARE SPIRITS WITH A SOUL HAVING A HUMAN EXPERIENCE.

You advance up the stairs of the pyramid by living your life, embracing universal compassion and universal love, by letting others benefit by experiencing your love and compassion for them.  There is no linear time in the spirit world, and God will wait for you until you reach the top. When you were a child and finished the fourth grade, you did not return to school as a junior in high school or a senior in college. You continued where you had left off, going into the fifth grade. The same is true in life. After the transition of your soul in any lifetime, you return in your next lifetime to continue from the step you left off  in your journey to become at one with God.

From your own observation, you are able to evaluate where a person is in their ascension to becoming at one with God. Living saints would be on the 800 or above step. Those whose lives are influenced by greed, hate, dishonesty, deceitfulness and other undesirable traits would be below step 200.

How does one accomplish climbing up the stairs of the pyramid and evolving to a higher level? It is by living your life consistent with God’s will, embracing universal love, universal compassion and living in truth. So your purpose in life is to live your life in a manner that enables you to ascend and evolve until you are at one with that part of God that is inside of you.

God bless you and you continue on your journey.

About Nick Bunick:

Nick Bunick was a successful businessman who fought his way up from the poor streets of Boston to living the American Dream. Then incredible spiritual events occurred in his life that convinced him and many hundreds of thousands of others that he had lived 2,000 years ago as the Apostle Paul. His story became a bestseller in 1997 (The Messengers), and has dramatically changed the lives of thousands of people. Nick is on a unique mission to share the extraordinary truth of what really happened 2,000 years ago with the world. As part of this mission, he has written Time for Truth: A New Beginning (HayHouse; October 2010). Learn more at www.nickbunick.com.

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