The Trump Presidency -- By the Numbers 

At the outset of the Trump presidency, a friend asked me what numerology indicates we can expect during his term.  This is what I sent to her on January 29, 2017.

I'm only doing his excursion (progression) for 2016 to 2020, as it would take way too long to run his numbers since 1946.  Here's the thumb nail for anyone born on the 14th of any month.

Fourteenth Day of the Month
A birthday on the fourteenth day of the month indicates a versatile and dual person with both a reasoning and a prophetic mind.  “Lucky” in games of chance and contests, you’re a natural bettor and gambler.  Your success lies in business on a large scale, but you need some form of artistic expression for recreation and to “let off steam.”  Very emotional, you can always be appealed to through your feelings and sympathies.  You are apt to crave constant change, and should avoid all of the pitfalls associated with the physical - drugs, alcohol, promiscuity and other sexual excess.  You can be a bridge between the physical and spiritual worlds, and have great constructive or destructive power - as you choose.

His life path is 23/5.  Here is the general description of the 5 life path:

This path is always varied, for it is marked with change, freedom, variety, adventure and curiosity.  If you’re inclined to hang onto a person or situation, this path will become difficult; you have to learn to accept frequent, unwanted change and life will give you plenty of opportunities to do so.  You can live more in one lifetime than most people can in ten, and should take the course of this path into consideration when contemplating marriage and career choices.  The backside of the coin here is sexual excess and easy physical addictions, so beware of both.  The keyword is FREEDOM

His life lesson is the 9, which is rare and often tragic.  This is a karmic lesson.

This is an unusual and difficult lesson, because it means that in the course of other lives, every experience has been contacted except human understanding, the fire in life.  What in other lives was a fear of emotions and no understanding of them in others become emotional extremes, jealousy, rage and holding people and possessions too tightly.  Life will repeatedly jolt you emotionally until you awaken; you may go through intense personal suffering until you learn love, sympathy and understanding.

From 2016 through 2020, he has the same letters -- and therefore the same vibrations -- in transit.  This is unusual.  Each year, of course, these influences meet differing types of events, as indicated by the personal years, so it is not static.

Influencing the physical aspects of life, the D is in transit from his first name (from both the end and the beginning of the name) throughout.  It indicates difficult home conditions and travel, usually long trips.  H is the letter influencing his emotional life during this time, bringing dramatic emotional ups and downs.  The P exerts itself on the spiritual level, offering opportunities for strides toward spiritual wisdom. The combination of these influences is the 1 (new starts) with 28 contained in it.  The 28 is contradictory, indicating care must be taken in business associations (especially partnerships) in order to avoid losses. 

In 2016, these influences came together in a 3 year (successful, popular) with 12 contained in it -- like the hanged man of the Tarot, things are not what they appear to be.  In 2017, the interaction is with a 4 year (work, limitations, military focus) containing 13 -- a time of transmutation, end of an old way of life and beginning of new life, often against one’s wishes.  His personal year in 2018 is 5 (change, change, change) with 14 tucked away in it.  The focus is on sexuality and sexual expression.  In 2019, it's a 6 year, just a plain 6, domestic issues, family.  In 2020, a 7 personal year indicates  separation, being alone, turning inward.

Remember, each and every one of these years is about a new start of some sort, with clues about what kind of situations will be met.  It is tantamount to popping the clutch as you take off from every stop sign for 5 years.

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