The Healing Cave
Kitty Verkoelen 
Karratha, West Australia

Light from Within
Georgia Gandalf 
Silver City, New Mexico
Early in 1997, half a world apart and consciously unacquainted, Kitty Verkoelen and Georgia Gandalf were both given dream messages prompting strikingly similar paintings.  The artists were brought together, appropriately, by SpiritLink, when Kitty submitted "The Healing Cave" to SpiritLink's art contest.  Kitty's dream was straightforward.  "In my dream I got the message to paint a cave and the next day I started to paint this cave," Kitty recalls.  "I loved every moment of it."  In Georgia's dream, she was participating in an art class.  A man in the class beckoned to her and when she followed him, he showed her "Light from Within" on his canvas.  Like Kitty, Georgia understood that she was to paint the image she had been shown.  When they "met" through SpiritLink and compared notes, Georgia learned that Kitty "even has a man in her [art] class that looks like the man that beckoned me in the dream I had about this Light From Within."

The images balance one another, with Kitty's cave winding off to the right, and Georgia's to the left.  One could easily imagine that the view is of the same cave, with Kitty's painting done from the inside and Georgia's from the outside.

These visions are further proof of the veracity of the slogan in Georgia's e-mail signature:

We are all One!

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