Spiritual Journey

Spiritual Consciousness

by Doug Berry

Our spiritual journey begins with spiritual consciousness. Due to my background, for me this means Christ Consciousness. Christ is my pattern, my way to oneness with God, a Higher Consciousness, The Source. This does not invalidate other religions. All major religions which believe in one God probably had the same inspiration and source. Spiritual truths may be found in all and can enlarge our understanding of what we are all naturally seeking. If you are of a different background, substitute your spiritual master as your guide.

How do we reach spiritual consciousness? It is a great start to begin each day with the thought that today our every word, thought and action will be as Christ would have it. Just this simple daily reminder to keep us aware of spiritual principles will work wonders for our spiritual consciousness. Prayer, meditation and study of spiritual principles on a regular basis will carry us forward to new levels of awareness and understanding. Seek, and we will find--it is a natural law.

It staggers the imagination to visualize the world as it could be if everyone followed the golden rule and treated everyone as they would like to be treated. If spiritual principles instead of material priorities guided the actions of everyone, maybe there would be true and lasting peace in the world. Maybe our individual, national and yes, international consciousness would guide us to reduce or even eliminate hunger, lack of medical care, and lack of decent shelter and clothing for everyone. Whether they could afford it or not...whether they deserved it or not. What kind of government would we have if our elected officials were guided by spiritual principles instead of self-, local or lobbied-interest? (Maybe then we wouldn't say, "ya aught'a get out o' gov'ment wuk and get ya'self a real job").

What if the byword of competition was replaced by cooperation and understanding? What would it be like if instead of trying to get ahead, our priority was to try to prevent anyone from falling behind? Could we not even go so far as to try to help others get ahead?

What would it be like if all of us realized each day that we are going to all face God (and or/ourselves)? How are we going to judge ourselves at the end of this short and temporal life? This earthly abode being only a part of a much larger spiritual experience, what kind of standing are we going to have as we start the next part of our spiritual journey?

We must be aware of and study to learn how to apply spiritual principles in our life. We must do this not because someone else tells us to do it, but for ourselves. The reasons are both selfish and unselfish. It is for our benefit, our happiness and sense of reward and satisfaction. It is for others because everyone who comes into contact with us will benefit from us if we are successful in this endeavor. And, though we may not recognize it, or the stage we are in, we are all on our very own spiritual journey!

"In seeking to magnify Thy Name, Thy Glory, through that Thou dost make manifest in me, O Lord, be Thou the Guide, and - day by day, as the opportunity is given - let my hands, my mind, my body, do that Thou wouldst have me do as Thine own in the earth; for, as I manifest, may Thy glory become known to those through the love, the promises Thou hast made in Thy Son".

- Edgar Cayce, Reading 262-49

Remember: We are spiritual beings (powerful spiritual beings) having a physical experience, not physical beings having a spiritual experience!

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