"Angel of the Forest"

by Snowfire Lioness

Oil on Canvas
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The Angel Of The Forest in graciousness abounds.
Her evening night chorus of winged creatures do surround.
With wings of purest white makes her throne a granite rock and this once
darkened forest she alone can mock.
For Angelic counntenance has once again dared, to enter the forest darkest
depth infiltrating light of brilliance unknown and to such dismal surround,
to her come the creatures and to her do they abound.
As that same forest darkness beckons to all of us with its enchanting and
nefarious casting - we are sure to beware.
Yet, night after night dauntless she comes to her beloved creatures, and in
doing so shows no fear.
Nearing to them with outstretched arms and her reticent smile, graciously she
lingers until the last one has entered her circle of light and power.
It takes only this one Angel to light up an entire forest, and so many are
there of us whose dismal light fails to brighten those paths before us.
If we were only more like her, unafraid of those dark places, we could surely
find our way.
For merged, our tiny lights together are sure to find a path that shows the
way clear.
But, with the Angel as our guide before us, how is it possible that we still

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