Repeating Numbers

I have been receiving a steadily increasing number of e-mails from people who have noticed repeating patterns of numbers.  Most people report three repeating digits.  For some it’s the same number in triplicate; for others, three different numbers keep showing up in combination.

Where do these repeating numbers show up?  They are being noticed in order confirmation and reference numbers, “pin” numbers, car registration numbers and license plates, phone numbers, hotel room numbers, even in cash register receipts.  But the hands-down winner–no pun intended–is the digital clock.  It’s a lot easier to notice repeating numbers on a digital clock than on a traditional “big hand-little hand” clock.  Multiples such as 3:33, 4:44 or 11:11 are hard to even spot on a traditional clock.

So what do they mean?  Here’s my theory.  These are messages from the part of us that sees beyond the horizon–the “higher self” for lack of a better term–left like post-it notes in places where we are likely to see them.  They may be reminders of what we set out to do in this life, heads-ups about imminent events, or attaboys for a job well done. 

The messages are deeply personal, and so are the associations on which they are based.  Yet numbers are a universal language, and numbers have consistent primary associations that can help us understand these messages.  If you are noticing repeating numbers, click on the link below and find out what the primary digits mean.  Then use them as keys to better understand the message You are sending to you!

What the Numbers Mean

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