A Mothers Prayer

God, I have never asked you why have you done this to me . . . nor will I ever.  In Your infinite wisdom, you have given me one of the most precious of gifts, from your heaven to my arms, this child before me.  You have seen fit to so bless me, and I have tried with all my being to live up not only to my expectations, but to Yours. The value of this life before me is priceless.  You gave him to me unshelfishly, without question, knowing that somehow I would have the strength to see this through to the end.  You trusted me with his human form, to nurture, love and treasure, which I did willingly.  As each day moved on, my love for him grew.  He will be a part of me for all eternity.

Dear Lord, You gave this gift to me, this special child, willingly, without doubt.  I ask with a mothers heart and soul, Lord, that You accept him in return, the same way.  I will not wallow in grief, but rejoice in his life, for that is what I will remember.  God, I offer to you the child that you entrusted to me for 12 glorious years.  Please take him unto You, for there I know he will be free, and will shine as he is meant to, a jewel in heaven as he has been on this earth to so many.

I ask this from my heart...

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