your name 

Every Pilot Files a Flight Plan

 Think of Life as an air journey, and your Soul as the pilot. 

 It’s a long and arduous trip to a place where the natives aren’t always friendly and supply depots are few and far between, so you plan carefully.  You choose your landing field first, and the general conditions at touch-down.  You note points along the way where rough weather is likely, and jot down a reminder of the skills you possess to deal with them.  You list the special maneuvers you’ll do, each one moving you one step closer to promotion to Ace, the ultimate rank.  Like every pilot, you file your flight plan before take-off.

 Earlier flights along this corridor have taught you that amnesia is a common hazard.  Soon after departure, you’ll probably forget your true identity and the purpose of your mission.  You decide to take a copy of your flight plan with you, to refresh your memory and help you find your way.  But where to put it so that you can find it even if your memory fogs?  There are no pockets in your jump suit.  

 You decide to tuck it safely inside the only thing you’re allowed to take with you — your identity.  Half of it fits inside your name, and the other half slides behind your date of birth.  It’s a safe place where you won’t lose it. 

 Sure enough, the amnesia struck and you forgot just about everything you learned in all your earlier journeys.  It’s only recently that you discovered the copy of your flight plan, right where you put it for safe keeping.  Problem is, you can’t remember how to read it.

 Think of this as a code book.  Like Enigma and the Rosetta Stone, the encryption it reveals is startlingly simple yet filled with complex, even profound information.  As you decode your plan, your memory will be stirred and your course will become clear.

 Then let your Soul soar.