The Universal Month


Universal vibrations flow like an undercurrent around the globe, subtly affecting the focus of thought and emotion in people of all nations. 

October, 2020 is a 5 Universal Month, when the focus is on efforts to seek change or to seek freedom for a variety of reasons.  Nonetheless, a 5 month has positive energy in every way.
2020 - The Universal Year

2020 is a 4 Universal Year with the master vibration 22 within it.  It is a period when shoulders must be put to the wheel globally, for both interests and outcomes affect people literally around the world.  High-powered individuals who function in both the objective and subjective worlds will come to the fore.  There is no room for personal ambitions this year.  Efforts undertaken for the general good will succeed. Personal ambitions, dubious or illegal transactions will bring disastrous consequences.

Your Personal Year, Month, Day and Life Path

To learn about your Personal Year, Personal Month, Personal Day and Life Path, visit Your Personal Day.  Find out what YOUR personal numbers are, then follow the links to see what they mean for you.  For a further understanding of the numbers, see What Do The Numbers Mean

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