Your Life Path

The Life Path reveals character traits and the types of events that typify your life.

This is a path that offers the potential for an active life filled with achievements, since you strive for self and seek attainment in everything you do. You're self-confident, ambitious, and want to be "in charge", a leader rather than a follower. On this path you must learn to rely on your own resources and make your own decisions. Work on your complete self: mind, body and spirit. Break away from what everyone else is doing and set your own trends. Be your own person, but do it without bullying others. The striving for self-achievement and self-advancement found on this path are summed up in its keyword: ATTAINMENT.

This is a path of cooperation, following instructions, and working well with others. You don't like to be alone, and instinctively seek marriage or committed companionship. A natural peacemaker, your urge is to give and seek love and companionship. You also tend to be overly sensitive, and must check the inclination to be a leaner, whiner and drainer. The extreme downside of this path is subservience and co-dependence. The striving for love and companionship found on this path are summed up in its keyword: ASSOCIATION.

This is probably the most pleasant path, that of self-expression and enjoyable activities in a harmonious atmosphere. Your creativity, kindness and sociability attract friends and supporters. When you undertake something, you're more concerned with the product of your efforts than with what it might bring to you in the way of material rewards. You tend to be jealous and must keep that trait in check, as well as learn to focus your energies instead of scattering them. Seeking beauty, love and a free sexual life, the problems you encounter are slight and not difficult to overcome. That is why the keyword for this path is PLEASANT.

This could be a hard path because is predicts a life of hard work; however, when you're doing work you love, it doesn't seem like work at all. You're organized, trustworthy and should foster an inborne ability for detail work. While on the whole your life will be limited in some way, that doesn't mean you can't be happy. In fact, most people on the 4 path enjoy happy homes and solid careers, building for all of us, brick by brick. You don't much care for innovation and don't understand the "free souls" you encounter; you're stubborn and tend to hold grudges, which will only weigh you down. The keyword for this path is APPLICATION.

This path is always varied, for it is marked with change, freedom, variety, adventure and curiosity. If you're inclined to hang onto a person or situation, this path will become difficult; you have to learn to accept frequent, unwanted change and life will give you plenty of opportunities to do so. You can live more in one lifetime than most people can in ten, and should take the course of this path into consideration when contemplating marriage and career choices. The backside of the coin here is sexual excess and easy physical addictions, so beware of both. The keyword is FREEDOM.

This is the path of responsibility, service and adjustment. Time and time again, you'll be called on to settle arguments and make final decisions. You tend to look for pefection in everything, and that can be your downfall, especially in love and home centered relationships. Like those on the 2 path you need to be married or "paired," but you're much more forceful and self-seeking than the 2. The positive side of the 6 path is harmony, love, family and service; the negative side is contention, romantic problems and divorce. How this path is lived is up to you. The keyword is RESPONSIBILITY.

This is the path of the thinker, philospher and dreamer. You're more the "loner" than most people, and less concerned with material things, being more concerned with enlightenment and knowledge. You want a peaceful life, and aren't the greatest spouse because you tend to be distant and aloof, even from your mate. Math, science, medicine and research attract you, as well as the ministry, rabbinate or priesthood, because you naturally seek enlightenment on all levels. The keyword is PERFECTION.

This is the path of power, authority and material success. You're generous, dependable and courageous, but need to control your love for power and money. It's essential that you develop moral business ethics and learn to understand people who are less forceful than you. You don't get mad, you get even, when in fact you should get over it and let it go. You can be very successful materially on this path or constantly broke, or both; the 8 is associated with money, but it can go either way, depending on how you choose to live it. The keywords are MATERIAL ASPECTS.

This is the path of the world traveler, understanding, knowledgeable, intuitive and willing to sacrifice. You're also a romantic, a kind and considerate lover, deeply emotional. You need to keep your emotions balanced and to keep your ego under control. Highly intelligent, you have a global outlook, yet tend to withdraw into daydreams so that you appear "stuck up" and seem to look down on others as if you were too good for them. You need to come out of your shell and dispel that impression. The keyword is ENCOMPASSING.

The Life Path interpretations are excerpted from:

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