Going For the Light!

On July 3rd, Milwaukee, Wisconsin hosts a giant fireworks display at the lakefront, which usually attracts millions of viewers. Due to the crowds, Lincoln Memorial Drive, which runs along the lakefront, is closed to traffic with barricades.

My son Kevin had just finished viewing the fireworks. As he stepped out to cross the closed road, he was struck from behind by a car traveling 60 mph, without headlights on, on the wrong side of the street, driven by a drunk driver, who quickly drove away from the scene. Kevin's medualla oblongata was torn and he died instantly....but only his physical body was destroyed, as his family was soon to see.

One day about two weeks later, while listening to Pink Floyd's "Dark Side of the Moon," I saw a brilliant white light form this vision of my son, in flight. A week later, as I began to paint this scene, I had trouble getting a child proof cap off a painting medium. I felt a light brush on my upper left arm and heard the words "Here, I'll get that" in my head. The cap just popped off. I know it was Kevin.

Several months later, after re-locating to Sedona, Arizona, I met a man who could see several dimensions at once. He asked me who was standing behind me and described Kevin. The man thought Kevin probably didn't know he was "dead," and told me to meditate and tell Kevin to go into the light. I did this and had the marvelous experience of seeing him during meditation, his beautiful smile forming with light, turning and going into brilliant white light. As he did, my father and grandfather who had been long gone, formed in back of him and followed him into the light.

Our limited way of thinking about death causes sorrow instead of joy when a loved one moves onto another energy field. Since we are energy fields, we cannot die, as we have come to think of it.

I hope Kevin's story will help others adjust to the loss of the company of those they love, because the loved one is in loving light, unlike anything we experience incarnated.

The drunk driver was turned in 4 days later after a city wide man-hunt, by the young man who accompanied him on that night. He was imprisoned later. That really doesn't matter because forgiveness not vengence is the source of healing and now we are healed and Kevin is "free".

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