"Kevin" - (c) Georgia Gandalf 

Stories of Discernment: The Eternal Validity of the Soul
Pete's Paradise
A place beyond the physical where Peter William Goodrich can meet his sister, Mandy, in celebration of the continuity of life.

To Timijane Martin
A cousin's farewell to her look-alike.

A special portrait by a spiritually gifted artist brings peace to a grieving mother.

Going for the Light - Kevin's Story
Kevin's mother, visionary artist Georgia Gandalf, tells the story of her son's journey into light, and shares his legacy of love.

Discernment: An Initiation
Vivid dream visitations from departed loved ones, a song with special meaning to the two of you, the scent of flowers and the feeling that he or she is there, with you - are these imagination, wishful thinking, coincidence, or real? How can you tell the difference? And what do you say to a spirit you don't know who asks you to pass along a message for him?

Meeting A Guide
Was the woman Gini saw when she awoke a ghost? Was she dreaming? Or was this someone special to Gini, revealing herself for a purpose?

Someone's in the Kitchen with Dinah
Was a midsummer dream state rendevous meant as a message for grieving parents?

Long Distance Call
Were her dream and the unusual phone call coincidence? Or was Deborah's father trying to tell her he was thinking of her?

To Joshua
A tiny angel is remembered on his birthday, and every day

A Mother's Prayer
God, I have never asked you why have you done this to me . . .

A Song for Nicholas
Poignant farewell to a beloved child

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Amazing True Stories
There's a new story every week at MuseNet (home of the "other" Spirit Links).  There's no better name for this site because each story is amazing and true!  Don't forget to follow the link at the bottom of the page for previously featured amazing true stories.

Visions - Stories
Stories of spiritual enlightenment told straight from the heart.

Death Does Not Exist
 This is  written  to  honor  of  all  people  who are  grieving the loss of  loved ones,  people who are afraid of death and people who want to  understand  the  mysterious process which brings a completion to life on Earth.


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