My Journey Into Light
Paula Farmer

My name is Paula Farmer and I live in Toronto, Canada. I would like to share my story with as many people as possible.  It is a story of trust and love which relates to the Universe and the idea that we can create our own miracles if we have the power to rule ourselves, and not allow the thoughts and beliefs of others to interfere with what we want to do.  Healing, for me in the past, had meant going to the doctor and having him prescribe some kind of chemical to release pain or to provide a "cure", or so I thought.  What I discovered in May, 1997, was that I had developed breast cancer. I was given a biopsy which proved without a doubt that the cancer was moderate and in my right breast. The treatment prescribed was a mastectomy with chemotherapy and radiation to follow. Also the drug tamoxifen was suggested. An appointment with an oncologist was booked and she gave me the particulars of what she thought I should do. I walked away from that meeting feeling totally dazed, depressed and with the idea of death looming over my head.

My journey into light began four years ago when I started my metaphysical research which led into mysticism and the discovery of self. I truly feel that the buildup of knowledge which transpired over this period of time, gave me the courage to go forward with a positive attitude and the knowledge that I could cure cancer by using alternative methods. The real test of my mystical knowledge came when I had to find my pathway toward the miracle which I felt I could create for myself

After having seen the oncologist and several other doctors, I realized no one in the conventional medical field was going to offer me anything better than surgery. I knew I was on my own! Although I felt alone in the beginning, I felt reassured through my mediations, that the process of negative energy within my body could be reversed.

I began by finding a superb naturopath who thought that we could drain the tumor. Drainage is his specialty, and through various potent, anti-cancer remedies, such as Bovine and Shark Cartilage, Coenzyme Q10, Selenium and various other supplements, plus a complete change in diet which included an abstinence from red meat, I was able to shrink the tumor and my breast as well.

 I took six months off work, not discussing my reasons with anyone. I felt that this was my time to understand this aspect of my nature. Once I realized that cancer was simply a learning tool, not something that was there to consume me, any fear of dying that I may have exhibited in the beginning, promptly disappeared. I began to realize that cancer was brought forward over the years by anger which was probably locked within the deeper recesses of my mind. Using my intuition which led to self analysis through meditation, application of various healing techniques such as Reiki, Touch Therapy and color balance work I was able to release the build-up of many toxins.

What I began to realize was that cancer recurs because people fail to examine themselves from the inside out. We cannot simply place a "band-aid" on the area of malaise and expect the symptoms never to return. The toxicity is buried very deeply within our emotional nature, and this needs to be examined very critically until we are able to allow the hostility to dissipate.

When May, 1998 approached, the naturopath felt it was time to have me checked by a conventional doctor. The person he recommended was an M.D. who practiced alternative healing. This individual explained that there was a test that could be done without invasive surgery.  By a special blood test which he would send to an ONCO LAB, in Massachusetts, I could find out if there were any metastases anywhere within my system.

I found the result amazing. My blood tested normal after only one year and the doctor who examined my blood wondered when I had had the tumor removed. I was told that the test should be repeated within six months and then again hi a year.

I now feel very strongly against ever letting a doctor cut away pieces of my anatomy. I feel that we can cure ourselves by simply tuning in to our natures through meditation and using our minds as instruments in understanding why certain things happen the way that they do. Medicine, becomes the tool in helping us achieve our sense of well being or healing.

Illness can also be equated as a learning tool and the Earth as a school.  We are here to examine our natures and to teach ourselves how to be in control.  I have learned that being in control is what makes miracles happen. The people we need to guide us along our pathway will materialize when the time is right.

For me, healing was a combination of many personal aspects. I cannot simply state that the naturopath and his remedies cured me. What I can say, is that it was a combination of his remedies and my mental outlook.  He helped me realize my true identity by teaching me to look within in order to initiate a cure. But I also realized that I had to rely upon myself to create the miracle of health.  I could not use anyone or anything as a crutch.

 To date, I continue to see the naturopath and the alternative health care specialist and together they have planned out a maintenance program where diet, vitamins, calcium and other remedies are still required to keep my system in balance and harmony. I have learned how to put some thought into my eating habits now, instead of just swallowing anything because it tastes good, or because it is convenient and takes away the pangs of hunger.

Taking the initiative to go ahead and try something new is very difficult when we have no support coming from the medical profession for what we feel is correct in our hearts. But I have learned that if we listen to the voice within and muster up our courage to push forward despite all odds, we will be able to overcome the obstacles presented to us. The guidance that we are looking for will materialize, in other words our prayers will be answered if we look within.

The feeling of inner peace and calm is part of our heritage as human beings. I have discovered that if we begin to take charge of our emotions and feelings and try to rule ourselves as much as possible, the idea of inner peace wi11 automatically become a part of our nature.  It is only when we allow our emotions to take precedence that cancer and other illnesses begin to manifest.

"To thine own self be true!"   I feel that the key to a healthy lifestyle is in the discovery of self.  In my estimation this concept begins when we are born and continues even after we withdraw from the Earth.

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