To Joshua
I know you had to take him Lord
But he was such a little one,
It was such a joy to hear him talk
To laugh, play and run.
We used to take him by the hand
Oh, Lord it was such fun,
He'd stop to smell the roses 
And then he'd start to run.
And then an angel came one day
And stopped outside his door,
He said I'll have to take him home
To live forever more.
Now, please Dear Jesus, let him know
That we still love him so,
Our hearts are still so heavy
Since he left us here below.
Lord, when he goes to bed at night
Please tuck him safely in,
Just as I did when he was here
And keep him safe 'til morning light.
We know that we will meet again
Up there on heaven's shore,
In a land that's free from sorrow
When heartache is no more.

I know you had to take him Lord ....But he was such a little one.

We love you Josh,
Mommy, Daddy, and Brittany

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