Ideals-Edgar Cayce's and Ours

Based on his readings, Edgar Cayce believed the most important thing we can do in this lifetime as individuals and as organizations is to clarify in writing our ideals-spiritual, mental and physical-and to have our choices and plans flow from these ideals. Reflect on this-the most important thing we can do in this lifetime!

Spiritual: Cayce's readings stated that there is only one spiritual ideal-the Universal Christ Consciousness as exemplified by Jesus. The Universal Christ Consciousness is interpreted as all-inclusive and non-limiting however. Universal Christ Consciousness is defined in the readings as the pattern of our awareness of our oneness with God that is present in every soul, not just those of Christian or any other special groups.

Mental: Our mental ideals are the attitudes, referred to as the fruits of the spirit that include: gentleness, forgiveness, kindness, love, patience, hope, long-suffering, and peace.

Physical: Our physical ideals-how we apply the spirit in the material,the actions we take in service to our fellow human beings. (This is where clarifying our ideals in writing gets especially challenging, at least for me).

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