Guardian Angel Secret Sanctuary


We were deeply saddened by the unexpected passing of Georgia Gandalf on January 9, 2005.

Georgia's bright spirit and hopeful heart shine on through her visionary art, which will continue to be shared here with the friends who knew her well and the friends who have yet to discover her.
Georgia Gandalf

An Angel got her wings...

An angel went to heaven, and got her wings today,
so beautiful she is, in God’s own perfect way.

Giving up her weary body, to set her spirit free,
now she soars the heavens, watching over you and me.

Her journey in this life was long and very full;
at times it was not easy, but she rarely let it show.

Unselfishly she gave her heart, never seeking praise,
putting all whom she loved, in a special place.

I know she’s looking down on all of us with pride,
and her strong tender ways, will continue to guide.

So when you miss her, take a moment, say a little prayer,
 she will listen, just as always, and you'll know she's there.

Shirley Therese Stanford
Copyright 2004

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