Working with Difficult People: Forgiving Bosses and Co-Workers
By Connie Domino, MPH, RN,
Author of The Law of Forgiveness: Tap into the Positive Power of Forgiveness -- And Attract Good Things to Your Life

Are your co-workers, rude, jealous, and back-stabbing?  Do you dread going to work?  If you answered yes, you'll be excited to know there is a technique you can use to clean up your work environment, allowing for a more harmonious, peaceful and productive work place.

You may be surprised to know that forgiveness is the key to turning your work life around.  You may be wondering how you can possibly forgive the very people who have made your life so miserable. To fully understand forgiveness you must know:

    * Forgiveness is something you do for yourself and not for the other person.
The Law of Forgiveness

    * Forgiveness is a social or spiritual law of the universe; just like the law of gravity it is predictable and unchanging and can be used by anyone regardless of his or her faith tradition.

    * Forgiveness releases the hold that person's behavior has on your life. It immediately frees energy to come into your life and assists you to meet your goals and dreams.

    * Forgiveness is not a nice thing you do for undeserving people. It's actually a selfish act, but it's not a negative act.  Forgiveness is one of the most positive and loving things you can do for yourself and others.

    * Forgiveness will not only improve your life at work, but can unblock energy allowing for goals and dreams to manifest in every area of your life.

The 3 Step Technique

The 3 Step Technique utilizes affirmative goal setting and visualization, a potent combination with quick results.

Step 1: You must write a goal affirmation for the relationship you wish to improve.  All the words must be positive and forward moving. The affirmation must be written as if the goal has already come true and it must include a goal date for manifesting. State this affirmation three or more times daily.

Example: My relationship with my co-worker or boss now has the following qualities:

Basic respect
Team Work, etc.

By: Goal Date

Step 2: You forgive the person you're angry with.  The best way to forgive someone is to sincerely say an affirmation of forgiveness. You have a conversation with the person's higher self or soul letting them know that you forgive them completely and freely, and you release them, and release the incident that happened between you, and you hold them in the light. When you have completed your forgiveness affirmation, you visualize the person accepting it and you move to Step 3.

Step 3: Keeping them in your mind's eye, you will have a soul to soul conversation with the person's higher self.  A person's higher self will not judge you, so you can literally pour your heart out to them. Begin by describing the problem and how it makes you feel. Second, describe the solution. Third, explain to them the consequences if their behavior doesn't change. At this point, you can visualize their higher self agreeing with your solution.  Visualize the person's higher self accepting what you have said and then walking out a door or off a stage.

You can complete Steps 2 and 3 in the privacy of your home. You do not need to contact the person you are forgiving or get them involved. To prepare, you will get into a comfortable position. You will bring the person you wish to forgive into your mind's eye. You will visualize their higher "angelic looking" self, and not their mean, nasty Earth self.

Be ready for the positive changes the next time you go to work. Tapping into the Law of Forgiveness through the 3 Step Technique is one of the most powerful strategies for positively affecting a difficult relationship.

©2009 Connie Domino, MPH, RN, author of The Law of Forgiveness: Tap into the Positive Power of Forgiveness -- And Attract Good Things to Your Life

Connie Domino

Connie Domino, MPH, RN, author of The Law of Forgiveness: Tap into the Positive Power of Forgiveness -- And Attract Good Things to Your Life, is a nationally acclaimed life coach, trainer, registered nurse, support group facilitator, motivational speaker, and educational counselor who teaches public health nursing at the University of North Carolina.

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