Excerpts from

The Next Step In Evolution

by Vincent Cole

Every now and then a courageous soul begins to take the next step in human evolution.

It is by the efforts of each individual soul yearning for awareness that human consciousness will evolve. Such an effort may seem like a mere pebble thrown into the ocean; still it will have its effect.

Humanity has begun to enter a new age and is currently experiencing the growing pains of evolution. By facing these challenges that occur during times of transition, individuals will come to discover the true power of spirit working in their lives. They will come to acknowledge their own responsibility in the process of human evolution. People will begin to learn there are alternatives to egotistical thinking.

The True Personality, with courage and wisdom, faces all aspects of life: trials and tribulations, victories and growth, birth and death. The True Personality comes upon this earth knowing what sorrows and pains are to be faced, what joy and love it will encounter, what lessons are valuable. It knows life on earth to be a worthwhile opportunity for advancement, a chance to gather knowledge, a way to increase its skills and to enhance its ability to love.

The True Personality is a powerful force. It has always been with you. It is always within you. It has been the guiding power in your life before you came upon this earth. It is the eternal force that continues once you move beyond the earthly realm.

You have come into the physical body in order to experience, to learn, to create, and to be an expression of God's love. Your True Personality knows this. It has great wisdom, great love, and great joy. We say again, it is the essence of life, the creative spark of divine creativity within you. It is your True Personality that is united to God and all of God's creation.

Look within. Acknowledge you are an expression of God, worthy of life, generous in love, eternal in nature and creative beyond imagination. Let go of the ego and its obsessions with the body. Let your spiritual nature protect and guide you. Let your True Personality emerge. It is the light Jesus spoke of, the light kept hidden beneath the bushel.

Let it be revealed.

We offer this message as a gift, one given in love. Whether or not it is accepted is of little concern. We give it to you and ask nothing in return. We do not even ask that you believe in us. We ask you to believe in yourself. Believe that you are so much more than the world would have you think. Believe that you are eternal, that you are a beautiful expression of divine creativity, a masterpiece of creation loved and cherished.

Your present stage in life matters little. The extent of your education is unimportant. True knowledge comes to all who desire it regardless of social status. Often true understanding comes to those most humble and sincere and willing to learn. As the Great Teacher once said, "I thank you, Lord of heaven and of earth, for hiding these things from the learned and the clever and revealing them to mere children.

Therefore, be willing to learn and grow. Be willing to seek understanding, compassion, strength, and love throughout your lifetime on earth. Should you ever reach the point where you think you have all the answers and the great mysteries of the universe are finally within your grasp, know you are deceiving yourself. There is always more to learn, always more to experience. Every time you reach a plateau of understanding, know there is another mountain to climb. Endless are the experiences of creation and great are its mysteries.

Without having experienced the pain and sorrow of earthly existence you would lack wisdom. It is by experiencing for yourself that you come to know the more difficult aspects of earthly existence. What you must realize is the pain you felt is the same pain felt throughout the world. You are not alone in your suffering. With this understanding you increase your sensitivity, your compassion, your desire to bring light into your life and into the life of others.

If in your heart you feel the need to alleviate the suffering you see in the world then get up and do so, but not with pity. Realize that pity changes nothing. Go forth with strength, wisdom, and true compassion, and then you will have an effect in the world. Pity cripples, compassion strengthens.

There are many Servants who walk the earth in secret. They do not work for worldly recognition. Their only reward is to do the will of universal wisdom. When they come upon a true seeker they offer an encouraging word, a helping hand, an admonishment if needed, then they are gone. They do what they can to help you find the kingdom within.

Divine Love cannot be given as a gift and it cannot be taken away as a punishment. It just is. It is universal and it is personal. It flows throughout creation, giving life to the smallest flower, giving life to you.

This power is eternal. Time cannot destroy it. Space cannot contain it. The power of Divine Love is unconditional. It does not discriminate. It is like the sun that shines on the evil and the good, like rain that falls on the honest and dishonest alike. This Divine Power, this magnificent energy, this unconditional love exists for all. Nothing in creation is outside its force.

Spirit Scripting