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Deborah Reato Bacallao

Several years ago (about 4 I guess) I first saw George Anderson as he was being profiled on the show Unsolved Mysteries. I remember it was a Wednesday night and I was truly captivated by his gift and, although always skeptical about these matters, believed his was authentic.

None the less, I missed my father tremendously and continued to think about George Anderson for the rest of the week. We even discussed it at work.

Finally, early Sunday morning, I had an experience which brought me some comfort. You have to know that my father died of cancer. In the house where we were living at the time, his bedroom was at the back of the house and you had to go down a long hallway to get to the room. In the house where I live now (and where I was living at the time of my experience), my mother's room is at the front of the house accessible also by a long hallway. She has her own phone line in that room. I am relating these details because it is pertinent to my experience. Here goes:

After having thought about George Anderson all week, I was dreaming early the following Sunday morning about my father. In my dream, he was sick in bed and I was in the front of the house. His phone would ring and I would go down the long hallway, answer the phone and tell the caller he wasn't able to talk. I would go back to the front of the house only to have his phone ring again and once more journey down the hallway. This happened a number of times in the dream. Then, I actually heard a phone ringing and woke up (it was about 5am). It was the phone in my mother's room. She was away for the weekend. I got up and went down the long hallway to her room and answered the phone. When I picked up the phone, all I heard was static. Having worked for the phone company for 17 years, I had never encountered that kind of static sound on a phone line. I was frightened somewhat and came back to bed. When my husband and I were having breakfast, he noticed something was not right. I reminded him of George Anderson and how I had been thinking about him and my father all week. When I told him of the dream and then the actual phone call, he suggested we activate the call return feature on my mom's phone to see where the call had come from. Normally, I would get the number of the phone that the call had come from. But this time, I got a recording saying the number could not be traced.

I felt a strange sort of fright but excitement at the same time. Was it coincidence? Was my father trying to tell me he was thinking of me?

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