Monthly Art Contest

SpiritLink is looking for Art.

What kind of Art? Visionary, fantasy, cubist, impressionist -- paintings, photography, sculpture, tapestry, pottery, jewelry -- the form and "category" are unimportant. We simply seek Art that touches the Soul and inspires the Heart.

What's the prize?

* One month in Monthly Winner Wing

* Permanently in Past Winner Wing

* Includes "mailto" form so that visitors can
contact winners for art purchase information

Contest Entry Guidelines

* All entries must be submitted in gif or in jpg format, not to exceed 300k in size.

(Helpful Hint: Scan a photograph of the art work. If you don't have a scanner, check with local copy service businesses. Have a low resolution scan made.)

* Submit entries by attaching to e-mail to SpiritLink.

(You may use the "mailto" form here, or attach the art to an e-mail sent from your regular e-mail program. We will be happy to help if you have questions about how to send an e-mail attachment. Please note: SpiritLink's browser will not accept attachments larger than 500k!)

* All rights remain with the artist, however, submitting artists must give SpiritLink express permission to publish their art on the Internet.

* Winning art is permanently displayed in the Past Winners Gallery, but it will be promptly removed from the Gallery upon request of the artist.

Submit Your Art Today!

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