Break the Silence
Voices for Wisconsin's Fallen
K. V. Bodoh

Captain Kevin M. Kryst

Theme & Purpose of Break the Silence: Every portrait has been created to ''Break Silence''. The Original Concept was to create a visual experience. A visual experiance that would have an internal effect, not only on the mind, but with the complete Body and Soul.  A face to face experience with the men and women in silence, WILL SPEAK TO YOU! What is said, is said internally as the Silence Breaks.

Each of the portraits of solidiers featured on Break The Silence - Voices for Wisconsin's Fallen were accumulated in photo form and then turned into collage art pieces for ALL of the soliders. ALL pieces of art will either be Donated as a complete collection to an institution willing to properly preserve the memory of Wisconsin Native Hero's, and if any of the pieces are seperated it will only be done to donate the piece to the family of the solider. Either of these two options will only be done after the war is over.

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