Your Monthly Horoscope
by Boo Ehrsam

June, 2020

This is eclipse season!  There is a Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius June 5th, a Solar Eclipse in Cancer on June 20th-21st, and a Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn on July 4th-5th.  Remembering that we should neither start things nor sign things (if possible) the week prior to an eclipse, we are going to be hopping these next two months! Sagittarius is visionary, and we may be biting at the bit to begin something new, but with the Sun square Mars in dreamy Pisces, we might be fragmented and impacted by unconscious motivations.  Fortunately, a Solar square to Mars on June 6th and June 11th may help us push through our own egos and fragmented thinking and self-deception.  A conjunction between Mars and Neptune on the 13th could see us cut through idealistic mists or see us fall into self defeatism.  To best use these energies, we need to stay attuned to our soul's urgings and we need to be prepared to act on our intuition.

On the 17th, Mercury will station retrograde in homey Cancer.  Reviewing
domestic issues is on the agenda for the next 3 weeks.  We may explore better ways for family communication.  As Mercury will station widely trined to Neptune, forgiveness and contemplation may be on the table at this time.

Mars will sextile Pluto on the 18th, fortifying resolve and motivation so as to
help us achieve our goals.  The Sun enters the North Node on the 19th, the first time the Sun has touched the North Node since it entered Gemini in May.  We may receive some clues as to what this transit may be about.  Mainly it seems tobe asking us to question our assumptions and beliefs, and instead to look at the facts.  We need to question what we THINK we know.  On the 20th Mars is sextile to Jupiter encouraging a broader perspective as well as increasing energy.

The Sun enters Cancer on the 20th as well, marking the Summer Solstice.  With a Solar Eclipse at the same time, it makes the solstice special.  Then on the 22ndtides begin to change with Neptune stations retrograde.  We are guided on an inner journey to seek out inspiration and meaning.  Venus also changes direction, going forward on June 24th, in time to put relationships back on track and to ease money worries. 

Aries will see its ruling planet Mars enter it sign on June 27th.  It can give us
needed confidence and an urge for independence.  As it forms a sextile to
Saturn on the 28th, it will follow the rules and be somewhat less chaotic.  We
will end the month with a conjunction of Jupiter and Pluto on the 29th, the
second of three meetings this year.  Increased power is possible, as well as great catharsis.

The month starts off with a Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius on June 5th.  This is the first of 3 consecutive eclipses occurring this cycle.  This is a rare phenomenon as eclipses generally happen in pairs.  These offer a sense of import and change for the summer months. 

Sagittarius is a sign associated with expansive thinking, higher education, and religion.  Due to the many stressful elements currently surrounding us, we may feel overwhelmed and expansive concepts seem lost in the day to day events.  As the Moon is in opposition to the Sun/Venus conjunction in Gemini, flexibility is needed for harmony in relationships and for finding the way forward. 

Communication skills might need brushing off.  Not only do you need to
express yourself clearly, but you need to become a better listener.  Better
understanding of another's requirements is very important, so is being clear and forthright in your own desires and needs.  Venus suggest a need for diplomacy, and we need to do what is necessary to achieve a balance.  What do we need to give on in order to gain something of great importance?  This thought needs pondering by you and others.

As the eclipsed Moon and Venus and the Sun make a T-square pattern with
Mars in Pisces, there may be some quarrels/disagreements as all sides are vying for respect for their input and values to be respected.  Both Pisces and Gemini are "doubled bodies".  Pisces has the two fish and Gemini is represented by twins.  This can be put to good use as these signs can come up with more than one option/solution.

If the people involved can work in collaboration, great things can be
accomplished, probably more than could be done by one working alone.  Mars may offer an opposing view, but both sides may have points to be considered.  This is when collaboration can make all, the difference.

Mercury in nearby Cancer may add and emotional edge.  With Mars in Pisces and Mercury in Cancer (both water signs) there is some concern that all that water will dampen the Sagittarian Moon!  As eclipses often expose what has been hidden, we may find details previously unobserved.  or it might suggest something becoming inoperable (like soggy matches) that when dried out can be returned to good use.

Weather problems could interfere with plans, or we may need to deal with
emotional problems (our own or those of others) before progress can be made.  But do not give up on those dreams!  You will be able to enact them eventually!

Remember this is the first of three eclipses.  Something is in progress that is
complex and may have diversions along the way.  The Full Moon can be a time of ending and purging.  We might be better able to see what is needed and what can be eliminated in our lives.  We may not be able to clearly see the future as yet, but the full impact has not yet been made clear.  Keep in touch with diplomatic skills, try to work harmoniously with others, and helpful solutions may emerge to support us as we move forward.

The Solar Eclipse in Cancer (June 20th-21st) occurs at the Summer Solstice.  It is the second of the three eclipses.  While eclipses often seem to be about
nations, it can affect individuals as well.  Say you are chugging along well with plans and aspirations and you suddenly hit a wall, one you had no idea was there!  Perhaps it was recently erected.  Factors have changed.  The emphasis is in Cancer which suggests influence from the past.

The Moon, during a Solar Eclipse, lines up with and shadows the Sun.  This
may imply focus on family roots or other past influences in our lives, that may still be reflected in our choices and actions.  Certain perspectives and choices have been made automatically with little conjecture as to why.  But now we may gain understanding into why or how these influences still emerge and how they affect our urges and choices.  These eclipses, and these times, may help us ponder these things, and upon reflection, to change them for the better.

Life is encouraging us to reflect and ponder, and we should not squander this
time.  Unusual dreams could trigger this, or perhaps a request from someone
will prompt this questioning of what we have accepted without question.  We
may question our own moves and motivations.  Did we understand what we
were facing?  Did we make the correct choice?  what would have happened had we chosen differently?  Or perhaps we will congratulate ourselves for having chosen wisely.  Time for a pause and to contemplate choices.

With the Moon and Sun at the earliest degree 00°21' of Cancer makes this a particularly special eclipse.  It is at a World Point.  While not a total eclipse, it will be an annular one, with a ring of fire visible around the Moon's shadow.  Perhaps we are avoiding something too hot to handle.  For this reason, we may want to lie low in familiar territory so as not to feel threatened.

With the Moon at a World Point, we may feel as though we want to start
something new somewhere.  The Sagittarian Lunar Eclipse spoke of something dying out or needing to be let go.  Similarly, to the last eclipse, we did have a square to Mars, but not a T-square this time.  Rather than pressure to finish something, maybe it’s time to let it fall to the wayside so you can try something new.

Mars and Neptune are conjunct in Pisces, so there may be dreams to consider pursuing.   Mars can give the extra boost that can make those dreams happen.

June 1st - June 8th   June 1st begins with an elegant flair when the Moon trines Venus.  Later in the morning, when the Sun is in Gemini sesquiquadrate Jupiter, we may feel scattered as though a blustery wind has blown everything into disarray and dividing us along matters of opinion and judgement.  When Vesta conjoins the North Node early in the midafternoon, we are reminded to focus!

Tuesday the Moon enters distrustful Scorpio later squaring Saturn late morning.  Emotional restraint can be a good thing.  When Venus squares Mars, a lover's tiff could feel like the end of the world.  Wisdom and maturity can help with this when problem solving Pallas enter Capricorn in a retrograde pattern.  Talk is good, but a Moon Uranus opposition could cause conflicting viewpoints.

Wednesday marks the halfway point for retrograde Venus, when it meets up
with the Sun, it shows us important info regarding personal needs and our
nature of love.  It is also a time where we might resolve a question about a
relationship or project.  Later family time will feel sacred, and the mood can

Thursday the Moon enters Sagittarius in preparation for the Lunar Eclipse on

Saturday may see tempers rising as the Sun squares an angry Mars.  Difference of opinions can set this off.  With the Sun sesquiquadrate Saturn, there is a tendency to blame others instead of accepting responsibility.  We need to look where old beliefs may be keeping us stuck.  When the Moon moves into Capricorn, we can better approach any problems with maturity and care.

Communication could be a problem on Sunday, until Mercury semi sextiles
Venus, helping with word flow from the heart.  On the 8th, the Moon hits Pluto helping with confidence, then later conjoins Jupiter, a good time to work on plans.

June 9th - June 17th   Tuesday may start out poorly, but a trine later in the day between the Moon and Venus eases tensions and makes for lovely encounters with others.  Networking might just be good for financial gains.

Wednesday might be tense, with an annoying sesquiquadrate between Venus
and Pluto.  This lasts most of the day.  Thursday the Moon enters Pisces
flooding us with feelings erupting from our unconscious.  We may have feelings of helplessness or distraction.  If feeling lost, focus on healing relationships. 

While all may seem confusing, a lunar sextile to Uranus may serve to give us a clearer perspective.  Friday a trine between the Moon and Mercury makes the early part of the day the best.  By evening that could dissipate into deflated feelings.  Time to rely on intuition rather than rational thoughts when the Moon squares the Sun in Gemini.

Warrior planet Mars will conjoin evasive Neptune on the 13th, dissolving any drive and muddying up goals.  Faith in what we are fighting for is vital. 
Imaginations may run dark, but visualizing strategies for overcoming odds is a better choice of utilizing the mind's creativity.  Later, when the Moon enters Aries, illusions will dissipate and drive will return.  It is now one week prior to the Solar Eclipse.  Avoid starting something new or signing important papers if possible.

Sunday starts out wonderfully, then goes downhill later, with a meeting between the Moon and Chiron, then solar aspects, the Sun semisquare Uranus and later a quincunx with Pluto leaving us feeling awkward and unattractive, scared of making a wrong move or saying the wrong thing at the wrong time.  Try to trustthat you have a unique perspective on life.  Later the Moon squares Mercury making meetings awkward unless we choose to listen.

A square between the Aries Moon and Pluto might see tempers rising,
particularly if we feel backed into a corner.  Better to use this energy to power through psychological blocks.  A later sextile of the Moon to the Sun will shine some light on a somewhat dismal atmosphere.  And when the Moon squares Jupiter we may find ourselves subject to "the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune".  Belief in ourselves can protect us.

We may feel overextended on Tuesday.  Are we trying too hard to get others to see us in a good light?  Later focus turns to financial matters with the Moon moving into Taurus.  We will be seeking emotional and financial security.  The need for approval strikes again with the Moon squaring Saturn.  Your self-worth should not be tied to monetary wealth.  Best to do the slow and methodical work needed to complete our to do list.

Mercury will station retrograde in Cancer on the 17th.  Hold off making any
major decisions for 3 weeks or so.  And remember that Solar Eclipse on the
20th-21st.  Things started the week prior to an eclipse may require do-overs. 
Avoid signing important papers if possible.   If not, read them over more than once to make sure there are no flaws!

June 18th - June 24th   The Moon enters Gemini on the 18th, blessing us with a quick wit and clever thinking.  This enhances our ability to see all sides of a problem and also to sharing ideas with others.  Mars will sextile Pluto, assisting us with the courage needed to get through tough psychological blockage and it start positive changes in our lives.  But with Mars semisquare Uranus, beware of rebelliousness that could hinder our progress.

The 19th is more positive, with an early conjunction of the moon and Venus,
followed by a sextile to Chiron later in the morning.  (Invigorating!  Perhaps a walk would be better than a drive!)  The Sun will later conjoin the north Node, so, we perhaps should pay attention and watch as both the personal and collective are illuminated.  Important information might be brought to light, attend closely to what you hear or read.

The weekend of the Solar Eclipse is upon us!  The Summer Solstice arrives in the Northern Hemisphere on the 21st.  During the time of the Crab (love the imagery) we explore our inner needs and care for our inner child.  The eclipse ushers in a new start to our domestic lives.  Sunday, still part of the eclipse, we may feel more disgruntled and insecure when the Sun makes a quincunx angle to Saturn.  The Cancer Moon is exposing our vulnerabilities in a square to Chiron.  Go ahead and feel the pain so as to understand it, when The Moon sextiles Uranus later in the evening we can find liberation.  Do not be concernedwith others' opinions, embrace your own uniqueness!

The Moon trines Neptune (lovely), but then it opposes Pluto creating
nightmarish scenarios and when it opposes Jupiter these fears loom large.  If
you can summon the courage to face these fears, powerful, wisdom may be
accessed.  Neptune is stationing retrograde, so we should pull back the curtains of illusion and examine where our hopes and dreams may have clouded our judgement or caused distraction.  Disorientation is likely at first, but we have 5 months to let go of unworkable ideas, and to clear our vision.

The Moon enters playful Leo on the 23rd, and we are more willing to take some risks and to be more of the center of attention.  Later the Moon opposes stern, all business Saturn, and trying too hard could foil the plot if we are trying too hard to impress others.  Getting down to hard work will seem irksome unless wecan get into character and play our part.  Sleep could be challenged by a Moon/Uranus square in the night.

There are no major aspects with the Moon on the 24th.  Venus, instead, will be center stage as it stations direct in Gemini.  We've had six weeks of reviewing our patterns of thought and communication regarding relationships, self-esteem,and money.  If we have had problems in these areas of life, those problems may start to ease up.  But since Venus will not arrive at the degree it was at upon going retrograde (21° Gemini) until the 28th, there may be a bit more discussions yet to come.

June 25th - June 30th   The Moon hits practical Virgo on the 25th.  Attend to
detail and work at improvement.  Later the Moon will conjoin with Hygeia
(asteroid of cleanliness and hygiene).  It will spotlight health and fitness and
illuminates where cleansing and healing is needed.  It later sextiles Hygeia and the Sun exemplifying the need for wellbeing, though a lunar square to Venus highlights the awkward subject that some pleasures are not always good for us.

Friday could be an awkward day.  The Moon squares the Nodal axis and we feel a strong urge to chase our dreams, but much confusion over the best course to take.  Perhaps we have lost faith in what we are trying to accomplish.  Accept this and move on to interests that stimulate our curiosity.  Things become muddled with successive aspects to the point that going to bed early and letting our unconscious work things out seems the better part of valor.

The moon will be in opposition to Mars on the 27th.  Squabbles are likely
unless you can postpone interactions until the Moon enters diplomatic Libra
soon after, the mood is likely to be more cooperative.  Then the Moon trines
Saturn and adds some maturity to relationships.  And finally, Mars enters Aries after floundering about in Piscean seas.  We may feel a boost of energy and more assertiveness at going after what we want.  And the evening can
potentially finish with romance when the Libra Moon trines Venus.

The Sun is in emotional Cancer on Sunday, and the Moon is in cordial Libra, so we may find ourselves juggling domestic demands versus relationship demands.  We need to listen more carefully as the Moon's square to retrograde Mercury could cause communication difficulties.  Fortunately, the day is saved by a sextile of Mars and Saturn giving us the support of patience at this time.  If there is no hope of compromise, then work involving heavy lifting or physical exercise may help work off any irritations.

On the 29th, Jupiter will conjunct Pluto casting a shadow over most of Monday, stoking our fears and worries.  Should we summon the courage to face these demons, we could transform them into opportunities.  The Moon then squares the Jupiter/Pluto conjunction and slinks off into Scorpio. It will be important to be honest with ourselves and also with others.  Hard truths are difficult, but they can help us to form tighter bonds with others.

Tuesday brings 4 aspects to deal, with.  The Sun will square Chiron (the
wounded heel) making us uncomfortable in our own skins, retrograde Mercury will sextile Uranus (we need to open our minds and think outside the box) the Sun and Mercury meet in Cancer highlighting the power of creativity, and finally, the Sun will sextile Uranus.  We may receive valuable information from a universal source if we open ourselves up to the possibility.  And so, the month of June ends.

                                                A Look Ahead

The third eclipse will occur on July 4th - 5th.  It is a penumbral eclipse, a Lunar Eclipse in which the Sun will only block part of the Moon, in this case, the upper third.  While such an eclipse can indicate a purge, it needn't be total.  But ridding ourselves of some burdens might make us feel lighter and happier!  This could be as much about attitudes as material things.

With the Sun in Cancer and the Moon in Capricorn, this eclipse is about home and family.  With chatty Mercury nearby, it may be a time to nurse new ideas and concepts, and to view things from a different angle.  That the Moon is in Capricorn, a rather stern sign, instead of motherly Cancer, its own sign, makes things a tad chillier and there may be a feeling of lacking or of hardship.Every cloud has a silver lining, so hang in there until some of the energy has passed.

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