Your Monthly Horoscope
by Boo Ehrsam

August, 2020

The Full Moon will occur in Aquarius this month, on August 3rd to be precise.  Whatever happens during a New Moon tends to come to fruition on the Full Moon.  We see the New Moon reflecting back on us.  With the full Moon in Aquarius, it symbolizes a sense of social responsibility and a need for a breather.  (does it ever!)  Saturn and Uranus (both rulers of Aquarius) back that up!   Saturn, of course, is all about establishing rules, and Uranus is more inclined to break rules in a bid for freedom.

As this lunation forms a T-square with Uranus in Taurus, it gives Uranus the
edge.  A lot of compulsive energy which we will need to channel.  It will drive things forward, for better or for worse.  Uranus has a big and disruptive role to play, despite currently being in Taurus.  (a sign that one associates with being peaceful - unless pushed too far.)  A quiet grazing bull suddenly acts as wildly as when Ferdinand the placid bull was stung by a bee!  We may experience backlash, or we ourselves may face off with the aggressor, prepared to charge forward! 

We aren't always directly involved with the outer planets, we may simply see
fallout from the energy, or there might be weird energy around us, or random
actions to upset us, and/or we may simply need to embrace the unexpected as there is little else one can do!  When a T-square happens in fixed signs, it makes the fates seem fixed, or the situation may have a "long term" quality.

Uranus, by the by, will turn retrograde August 15th, so whatever "event/action" is associated with this T-square, it may turn out to be a peculiar temporary situation with peculiar appropriateness about it.  As Taurus is involved, it may relate to security issues, it could tie in to issues relating to employment, money, and/or possessions.  The Aquarian effect puts emphasis on fairness.  Maybe there will be societal adjustments, with ordinary people achieving rights typically reserved for the privileged.

The Uranus/Aquarius presence in the T-square brings up concerns about global and environmental issues.  Climate change concerns, activities of the Extinction Rebellion, who draw attention to how the existence of Earth as we know it hangs in the balance.  There are many hoping to awaken the unconcerned portions of society to the dangers we all face.  How we experience Uranus in Taurus might be as varied as being the person yelling from the mountaintops about the hazards we face, to being the recipient of dramatic information regarding the danger, interrupting the cozy dinner in front of the TV.

Though retrograde, Saturn can still have its disgruntled say.  There may be no happy medium with an out of sorts retrograde planet.  It may have less power when retrograde, but it can still be unpleasant.  Saturn in Capricorn is loosely conjunct Pluto which in turn is loosely connect Jupiter, and all are retrograde.  This may indicate haphazard happenings which could indicate how affiliations and developments may be changing.  Some projects may need reining in, some relationships may experience a U-turn.

One need not lose great ideas and concepts, despite the retrograde interference, review and adjust, or at the least save the ideas for future review.  Changes in participants may call for a rethink based on new values.

As mentioned, Uranus goes retrograde on August 15th, and it may soften or
quell some of the more rebellious elements in our, society.  Possibly a pause for reflection, or for future plans.  A great deal of thought needs to be given as we seek to reimagine a better future.  Some current situations may be out of our hands, or there may be unexpected developments.

So now we have Uranus, Saturn, Neptune, Pluto, and Jupiter all in retrograde
motion.  Perhaps there are personal matters that require reflection.  Maybe some regrouping is necessary!  Uranus in Taurus can rock our sense of security, there may be a feeling of destabilization.  Interactions with others may be surprisingly strong and quick, surprising each of you.  We can definitely find ourselves in a state of confusion as we confront a radically changing world.

The New Moon is in Leo, embracing the Sun in its home sign.  It is also
conjunct Mercury.  Mercury, however, is somewhat weak so close to the Sun.  Practicality may take precedence over decorum.  We will need to deal with the effects of certain actions, attempting to understand that those making mistakes may have had limited choices.

There is a friendliness to Mercury's conjunction with the New Moon.  Perhaps party invitations, in whatever form that may take at this time.  Or perhaps that seed of an idea will urge us to follow through.  New Moons are good for planting seeds and watching them grow.  Leo basks in the pride of completing a task.

Venus is in a separating sextile to Uranus and Jupiter is in a wide separating
trine from Uranus and career and social moves seem to be towards wider
horizons and broader affiliations.  Venus in Cancer suggests a weakening in our stronger family connections, weakened, difficult, or even lost.  But Jupiter is a planet of hope, and it represents a strong link to the world at large.  So perhaps a global mission, getting deeper into understanding of a spiritual practice or simply finding greater meaning in Life will be the effect.

The Moon in Leo is trine Mars in Aries providing some get up and go! 
Together they can bring out a bit of a bossy side, yet maybe clear leadership and vision is needed.  Planets in fire signs may indicate someone is "on fire" with a passion, lighting a fire in themselves or others, or in a relationship with sparks.

This New Moon offers us the opportunity know more of your own personal
talents and strengths, or to appreciate another's talents.  Perhaps there is a
greater comfort to be found in our own skins and to understand our own needs and desires.

This has turned out to be quite a momentous year, and we just over half way
through it!  We have experienced 4 of 6 eclipses this year!  The recent Solar
Eclipse at 0° Cancer seems to have been the most important, partly because it occurred at a World Point.  In all Cardinal Signs, 0° is a World Point.  15° in Fixed Signs can also be considered a World Point. 

The 0° was prominent when Bernie Madoff's scheme unraveled.  Dec. 11th of 2008 featured Mercury at 29° Sagittarius, conjunct Pluto at 0° Capricorn.  He was arrested for running a Ponzi scheme.   9/11 found Mars (1°26'Capricorn) activating the prior June 21st, 2001Solar Eclipse point (0°10' Cancer). 

In addition, there is the impact of the Jupiter/Saturn conjunction coming up on Dec. 21st, the Winter Solstice, at 0° Capricorn, a point already energized by the Solar Eclipse this past June 21st at 0° Cancer on the Summer Solstice.  So, the horoscope for the conjunction is also the horoscope for the Winter Solstice, giving it extra potency.  To find charts where conjunctions and the Sun are at 0° in a Cardinal Sign, one must go back to 471 C.E. And 233 C.E.!  (Either Christian or Common Era)

The effects of the conjunction on the Winter Solstice, the 0° Cancer/Capricorn may have effects deep into 2021. 

We should be aware that on the 21st Neptune=Apollon/Vulcanus, the 
interpretation being: epidemic, infections, inflation, destruction of property,
great deterioration, and spread of corruption.  Rereading this I am amazed at the apt description of this time! 

While there are no predictions suggesting this virus will plague us until say
2040, it does suggest there will be after effects, just as there were after 9/11. 
Perhaps greater attention to hygiene, health, and cleanliness will be part of our lives.

There will be technological breakthroughs, possibly problem-solving tools! 
Mayhap an expansion of the "Internet of Things", smart technology that hooks up with the internet.  Advances in artificial intelligence and quantum computing are likely.  And, on the side, Astrology may find greater acceptance!

Hot spots will include India and Pakistan, and China!  That June Solar Eclipse passed over them!

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