Your Monthly Horoscope
by Boo Ehrsam

October, 2020

October will host 2 Full Moons this month!  The last, of course, will be a Blue Moon.  We start off Oct. 1st with a full Moon in Aries!  This will be the Harvest Moon usually seen in Sept., but, of course, this is 2020.  Actually, because we rely on calendars set by humans, rather than following the Moon's natural path and patterns, we get askew occasionally.  This happens every few years. 

We are reminded how out of sync we are with nature.  I feel one of the lessons offered us during the shutdown was how distant we have become to the rhythms of our World due to our swelled egos.  How dare we claim to know better than the Earth herself?  Instead of foolishly attempting to control nature, we would do better to learn and become one with the planet on which we all live.

So, at this time of the Harvest Moon we should ponder what we have to
harvest?  Will it be a full harvest, or will it be depleted due to wildfires, floods, heatwaves, and sudden cold snaps?  It is time to reimagine our proper place in Earth's domain.  We must become good stewards of the Earth.

Aries, by nature, likes to lead the way.  But in the case of people and nature, we may need to learn how to become better followers!  Mars is retrograde in Aries, perhaps this will be a time to go over old things, like how some of the ancients worked with nature, and what their secrets/findings may have been.  Mars is also conjunct Black Moon Lilith.  This emphasizes individual action, but with the Black Moon Lilith, an attitude of not playing by the rules.  Patience has been quite wearing on many.  We will need to find a way to deal with such frustrations lest we get burned! 

Retrograde Mars will also bring up incidences, flare-ups, or memories of past squabbles and hurts - possibly with a number of people, as Mars is square Jupiter, Pluto, and Saturn.

Despite the many trials and tribulations, we must remember that our life force finds ways to move forward.  Let us do so wisely as we experience these many changes this year.  Let us reimagine a world of Love, and Peace, and Harmony.

At this time, the opposing Sun and Moon aren't in aspect with any major planets.   They are sort of opposing one another in a rather lonely and mildly
oppressive manner.  It is something of a reflection of our times, our
self-isolations and our distancing. 

There is a wide square of the Sun/Moon opposition and Jupiter.  It too echoes limitations and restrictions.  Because Jupiter generally rules expansiveness, it is as though we feel a need to stretch our legs, arms, and hearts, and we find a desperate need for intellectual stimulus!  Physical, mental, and emotional states of being are all connected.  The Harvest Moon may give us a stronger sense of these effects so we may have an understanding of the challenges we face, and better find solutions.

Deal with challenges one at a time to avoid being overwhelmed.  If people are causing difficulties, heed the Aries message to pick those battles carefully.  With a hint from planets occupying Capricorn, take time to see where immediate effort is needed and areas where it benefits us to wait, and pause to gather thoughts for a sober and well thought out strategy.

The New Moon of October will occur in Libra on the 16th.  Libra is represented by scales and it refers to balance.  As we move forward in uncertain times, it is important to strive for balance in our lives.  This lunation is encouraging us to find ways to include better equilibrium in our lives.

Mars (still in retrograde) will oppose the New Moon.  The emphasis will be on behaviors, our own and that of others.  How does the behavior of others affect us?  Are others overly demanding or impatient?  How does it make us feel?  Does it cause enough distraction to interfere with our own actions and progress?

Adding to this contemplation is that Mars is retrograde in Aries, so it’s like
driving with the brakes on!  Perhaps a pause button has been hit, complicating things.  There is a push/pull with Mars at the moment.  Frustration is high.  Yet there may be a good reason for a pause button.  Perhaps action considered would serve no one, or perhaps it wouldn't have the desired outcome.

Retrograde planets can cause some to act out of character.  Someone of a
normally serene demeanor might become over reactive.  Best to get out of the line of fire until their ire has dissipated, but don't avoid a confrontation if that is needed to resolve a conflict.

Then again, it could be ourselves getting unnecessarily temperamental.  Pay
attention to what, or who, might light your fuse!  Slow down, go over things
thoughtfully and see where there was a veer off course.  Ground one's self in
this new knowledge and it may help future interactions.

Grounding is being emphasized by the New Moon's square to Jupiter, Pluto, and Saturn in Capricorn.  One might find a pattern coming from the past, something handed down generations.  While the root of the problem may not be personal, it can affect personal feelings, behaviors, and initiatives all the same.

Venus is in its fall in Virgo, making relationship connections more challenging.  Things may seem unclear with Neptune opposing Venus in its Morning Star mode.  No clear signposts to guide the way. 

It could also relate to outmoded concepts of women, an example being the
"fallen woman".  Excuse me?  Not in this day and age!  But then we have men still stuck in the "white man's privilege" thing.  Think before acting, and don't let others judge you!  We need to bring matters down to Earth for better

The Taurus Full Moon will be a Blue Moon (2nd full moon in a month) and it will be a Full Halloween Moon as well.  Being a repeat in the month, this Full Moon may have a greater impact.  For some, it could mean a monumental turning point, for others simply a stronger focus on life's ups and downs.  Life may simply feel fuller at this time. 

This may offer us the opportunity to unstick a situation that has defied one with constant obstacles.  Taurus is a sign of stubbornness, and there are times when "no" is a most appropriate answer.  But this Blue Moon and other aspects might surprise is with the unexpected.  After all, Uranus will be in exact conjunction with this Full Moon!

The exact conjunction of the Full moon and Uranus in Taurus has the effect of putting a lens on a breakthrough or a breakdown.  Whichever, this lunation will encourage us to embrace that which we are unfamiliar with or of which we don't approve.  While that sounds wacky, we don't need to fall into the endless trap of old habits and patterns.  While they may offer illusions of satisfaction, in the end, something new, may be just what is called for.

Uranus is the planet of the unexpected and of change.  Anticipate forceful winds of change pushing us to growth along unfamiliar territory.  While the journey may be unsettling, it will doubtless be exciting and may offer us a glimpse into a better way to interact with life.  Hold on tight, lest you feel overwhelmed, something offering a feeling of safety as opposed to engaging in harmful activities or behaviors.

Echoes of the last Full Moon can be felt, that time when the Moon was conjunct Chiron.  There are echoes now of a healing opportunity appearing.  Venus provides the means to progress.  With Venus in Libra, she is a classic
peacemaker.  She wants a win-win situation for those in one to one
relationships.  Possibly this will be in the form of a peace offering - a physical gift, a loving gesture, or affection.  Venus can be quite seductive and can make an offer not to be refused!

Venus is currently kind of in the hinterlands.  There are few planets nearby.  So, we may be feeling a lack of support from others, or we might find it difficult to reach out to others.  Reviewing past successes, remember the rewards of giving to others, or doing good deeds for those in need.  That may provide the impetus needed to bridge that emotional gap.  Remembering how others may have helped you.  Did something they said or did make you feel special or respected?  Maybe now is the time to reconnect with that person to make them feel special or respected.  While we may not know their true needs at this time, or their reactions, we can still demonstrate that we care.  This act could be especially helpful if any recent development cast any doubt.

Because Venus is unaspected at this time, it can also signify a time to turn
inward and to love ourselves (too often we are self-critical and unloving of
ourselves).  Be kind to yourself.  Value yourself!   Off by herself, Venus can
become more Venusian, with a greater need to love and be loved.  Its current
placement suggests a lack of suitors or possibly a disconnection from family
and/or friends.  (Yes, it could just be self-isolation from the Covid!)  If unable to reach out, reach within.  Recognizing our own value and good qualities is a healthy thing!

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