Your Monthly Horoscope
by Boo Ehrsam

July, 2020

Saturn has entered Aquarius.  Saturn is one of the co-rulers of Aquarius.  In
Aquarius, Saturn takes us to the outer edges.  We are no longer tied to the center of things but are "out there".  This explains Aquarians personalities - a bit out there.  Aquarius actually exposes the center as it views the center from its outer perspective.  Questions it asks are "Who defines the center?"  "What is the quality of life there?"  "Who is overlooked or deemed marginal?"  These are questions we are asking now, and we need to examine them and try to reorient ourselves to a healthier and happier and more inclusive world, very Aquarian.

Mars moved into Aries in June of this year.  Because it will retrograde in its
home sign, it will be there for an unusual length of time.  It will actually stay in Aries for 6 months, finally moving into Taurus Jan. 6th, 2021. 

People are likely to become more assertive with Mars in Aries, particularly in response to abuses of power.  Mars goes retrograde from Sept. 9th - Nov. 13th, but that pesky shadow period makes it more like July 25th - Jan. 2nd.  Note that Mars will be retrograde during the presidential elections.  Be aware that Mars is quite capable of fighting dirty, so we can anticipate a combative election season.  With Mars in retrograde, people will feel more reactive and that can easily be triggered.  Watch out for landmines and don't get sucked in!  It will be a most difficult time to see others' points of view, and we must be careful not to take things too personally or to react.  Aries, Cancers, Libras, and Capricorns will be the most affected, particularly if there are planets between 15° and 30° in any of these signs in their charts.

Mars can trigger emotional and physical heat, that includes an effect on the
climate.  This summer we could face extreme heat in many parts of the world.  While retrograde, Mars may leave us feeling tired and weak and introspective, but when finally moving forward we may feel a surge of energy and power.  Use these energies wisely.

And Mars will square Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto during the second half of the
year!  These transits are related to clashes over the use and abuse of power.  It is a theme of the Saturn/Pluto conjunction in Capricorn, and will be challenged when Mars squares these planets.  This period may be one of force, divisiveness, and inflammation of the emotions.

When Jupiter forms an exact conjunction to Pluto on Nov. 12th, the use of
excessive power will be to the fore.  Mars and Eris will be conjunct and square to both Jupiter and Pluto.  This will be a time when challenges to excessive power begin to peak.  Jupiter and Pluto can represent big money, so this will be in the mix.  Matters of inequality will come to a head at this time.

Mars represents our individual power vs Capricorn's institutional and
governmental power.  Sometimes we must fight for what we believe in.  Rather than experiencing this energy as lower vibrations (anger and frustration) channel that energy inward, helping to discover our individual sense of self, and power.

So, this month we face the last of the 3 summer eclipses.  This will be a Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn.  As you may have noticed, eclipses can rip the veil off of our eyes, forcing us to see that, which we have tried to ignore.  If we survive 2020, maybe we'll earn 20/20 vision.  This will be a penumbral eclipse, partial, with the top third of the Moon in shadow.  We may catch glimpses of subconscious material that needs addressing when the Earth's shadow grazes the Moon.  This suggests a need for more purging in our lives, but to a lesser degree.  You will be allowed to keep some stuff this time around, just choose wisely.  We needn't totally walk away from something, but we may feel lighter and happier if at least some of it gone from our lives.  This need not be something tangible.  Perhaps it is others' or our own behavior or actions that needs eliminating.  Or maybe it’s the dreadful state of a room that needs addressing, or a collection of "stuff" that needs thinning.

This eclipse is family oriented.  While Cancer is associated with the Mother,
Capricorn is associated with the father.  Capricorn, ruled by Saturn, can be a bit more stern than Mama Cancer.  So domestic interests might be on the agenda.  With the Sun close to active and communicative Mercury, the sharing of ideas and concepts might stimulate creative thoughts.  With new ideas and perspectives, we can get things moving!  Take time to put thought into just how we might want to execute those ideas to meet our needs.

Vesta is conjunct the Sun, adding weight to the asteroid's importance.  Vesta is the Keeper of the Sacred Flame and acts as a protector for the hearth and home.  So, there may be a "requirement" to be met under this eclipse.  It might relate to a need to have ample and satisfactory insurance for your home, or perhaps there is a need to protect a family member (members) from an intangible threat.  Whatever the challenge might be, pay close attention to details and words with Mercury opposing the Moon.

Mercury is associated with quicksilver and the fluidity of that element.  In the sign of Cancer, this may be more pronounced.  Not much luck with pinning things down, it’s like trying to nail Jell-O to the wall!  Our actions simply will not take hold.  Things will eventually stabilize, but it may be August, when Mercury moves forward into Leo, before we get any traction.

The eclipsed Moon in Capricorn is technically in detriment.  The Moon and its children may feel vulnerable in this position, like a child suddenly put in the care of a rather distant and uncaring father figure, or someone over burdened by their own duties and responsibilities.  It longs to be in the soft mothering arms of Cancer again, but instead is temporarily stuck with lack, chilliness, or hardship.  Good thing the Moon moves quickly, and by the 6th it will enter sociable Aquarius. 

While still in Capricorn, the Moon will trine Uranus, a blessing.  There may be an unexpected turn of events aiding in escape from a sticky situation, or an opportunity for a change of scenery that could be refreshing and inspirational. Be open and flexible with plans so as to take advantage of the wisdom offered.

Know that the three in a row eclipses had something of a full-on quality.  So far it may have consisted of non-stop challenges.  It had the effect of turning a page or ending a saga.  There were opportunities of quantum proportions for some people!

The Cancerian New Moon on July 20th will allow us a sigh of relief, for one
thing, it is NOT an eclipse.  New Moons are times of new starts!  Time to plant wishes for the near future! 

The recent eclipses have exposed deep inequalities.  Eclipses shine lights on
long ignored areas.  It offers an opportunity to right such wrongs and to build a better future for all.  We should rejoice in our abilities to sympathize with those who are suffering, and to lend our voices and shoulders to the good cause.

It won't be an easy path.  Oppositions of Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto to the New Moon suggests there will be a lot of interpersonal wrangling as opposing forces work out their own gripes.  As Jupiter is in Capricorn, it has less maneuverability.  There needs to be a lift off, but its bogged down with no oomph.  Eventually hot air from the fire signs will offer the momentum for lift off, but it will take a while.  We may need to wait and recognize the inhibiting factors, and then move forward with the knowledge that support for change will arrive at the right time.

The Jupiter/Pluto conjunction can show positive power with its ability to dig
deep and research to the hilt, finding valuable info and potential solutions to
problems at hand that are at least worth presenting and discussing with others.  Jupiter wants to speak the truth; Pluto is a bit more secretive.  However, like playing with a jack-in-the-box, something is bound to pop up at this time, surfacing so we may see the truth of the matter.  And it is said that the Truth shall set you Free!

Of course, there is tension with the Sun and Moon both in opposition to Jupiter, Pluto, and Saturn.  Saturn is retrograde at the moment, so some rules may be relaxed a bit.  The Moon is in Cancer, its native sign, and Saturn is in Aquarius, its natural sign giving both a bit of dignity and strength.

Home, property, and family are front and center with the Moon and Sun both in Cancer.  While there may be room for more improvement, background
situations may need ironing out.  Saturn, Jupiter, and Pluto may be no nonsense team for handling risks or for major projects, but Pluto's outer planet position reminds us that matters may simply be out of our hands.

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