The Edgar Cayce Collection

The "Sleeping Prophet" was one of the most prolific psychics of modern times.  Like pebbles tossed into the pool of human consciousness, his insights continue to ripple ever outward, touching and influencing increasing numbers of people worldwide.  The books in this collection are about Cayce rather than by him, although they incorporate his readings, and are those I have found to be the most personally enlightening.

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Books About Edgar Cayce

The Story of Edgar Cayce:
There is a Riverby Thomas Sugrue

This was the first biography of Edgar Cayce, originally published during Cayce's lifetime.  Through Sugrue's work, the world learned about the quiet, devout Sunday school teacher in Virginia Beach who could miraculously heal the sick in his "sleep."  Equally startling -- to Cayce as well as others -- were the reincarnation readings he gave while in trance, describing past lives of the people who sought his advice, and explaining how those lives relate to the here and now.

Edgar Cayce: The Sleeping Prophet
by Jess Stearn

The second biography of Edgar Cayce was originally written twenty years after the psychic's death.  Such a perspective allows Stearn to demonstrate the timeless quality of Cayce's contributions, as well as the accuracy of many of the predictions still "pending" when Cayce died that have subsequently occurred.  Periodic updates by the author have expanded on these predictions, which continue to be fulfilled. 


 In Cayce's Own Words
The Lost Memoirs of Edgar Cayce:
Life as a SeerEdited by A. Robert Smith

Drawn from recently discovered personal papers, this is the seer's story in his own words.  Cayce shares his own thoughts and feelings about his mystical experiences, and of the struggle within him between faith and fear . . . the struggle we all experience. 

The Edgar Cayce Companion:
A Comprehensive Treatise of the Cayce Readings
by B. Ernest Frejer

This invaluable reference contains concise quotes from the Edgar Cayce readings on 264 separate topics.  The exhaustive index is at least as remarkable as the collection itself, since readers can quickly find what they need.  Topics include the purpose of life, evolution of the soul, reincarnation, meditation, religion, the Bible and Jesus Christ, health and diet, and attitudes and emotions. 

 Further Study
A Search for God Books

In 1931, Edgar Cayce agreed to help a group of people grow spiritually and become more psychic. But there was one condition. They would have to "live" the precepts. It took the
group eleven years to live the twenty-four chapters which became A Search for God, Books I and II.   Thousands of  people continue to study the principles today, individually and in small "A Search for God" groups.  The contemporary "A Course in Miracles" is similar, yet I personally find "A Search for God" clearer and easier to both understand and incorporate into my own life. 

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