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My roots as a writer lie in first being an avid reader, and like most avid readers, I enjoy sharing my "book finds" with others.   A favorite day dream was to own a book store where such "finds" could be shared among friends.  The dream becomes reality here, in the SpiritLink Book Room, where friends can share their "finds" and, through links to Amazon and individual publishers, purchase the books that capture their minds and imaginations. 

Come see the treasures we've found, and share with us the books that have made you think, laugh, cry or even changed the course of your life.

Sheila Berry


The Gift of Inspiration

The Edgar Cayce Collection

The "Sleeping Prophet" was one of the most prolific psychics of modern times.  Like pebbles tossed into the pool of human consciousness, his insights continue to ripple ever outward, touching and influencing increasing numbers of people worldwide.  The books in this collection are about Cayce rather than by him, although they incorporate his readings, and are those I have found to be the most personally enlightening.

Jane Roberts and Seth

Seth, who describes himself as "an intelligence residing outside time and space," was channeled by Jane Roberts from 1963 until Jane's death in 1984.  Jane was a talented writer and gifted mystic in her own right.  With the help of Jane's husband, Robert Butts, Seth and Jane produced a series of books that open new dimensions of creativity to their readers.


Recommended Reading

These are books that stir the soul, that make a difference by making a difference in the reader.

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Special Recommendation

Dying is Weird
A Journey of Enlightenment
Kathleen Westberg

This story is about my family and the tools I used to uncover my personal roadmap--dreams, books, psychics, workshops--all which provided an uncanny and oftentimes hilarious ride through the metaphysical world.  It's a tale of an ordinary women's extraordinary journey through the maze of life, examining at a very young age the actions of her family members and how they handled many of life's most difficult challenges, including death.  More importantly, in the midst of my searching, I "accidentally" discovered Edgar Cayce and the A.R.E., which to this day I still use to expand my horizons.  Because of Cayce, I was guided to move beyond the  limiting belief systems of the people around me into new ways of thinking.  In the process I have a renewed connection with my creator and myself.  The gifts I discovered are innately a part of one's being from inception.  -- Kathleen Westberg

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