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Mother Nature

Mother Nature is Gaia in all of her wonder.

The seasons flow, the sun and moon shine on all, weathers rage and Earth's creatures bask in Mother Nature's presence.

The Journey

The Journey is about reincarnation. While people often see only the
face of death, the reality is a journey that takes us from birth to
death to be rebirth, and a return through the arms of Mother Earth to be
reborn. The soul, like the Fool of the tarot cards steps off the
precipice and into the journey of life, time passes and age creeps in.
Those on life's journey ignore the Cosmic Jester, holding out the symbol of eternity, telling them that life is forever. Instead the
participants enter the tunnel and into the light. They exit as
mummy/cocoons, reborn as butterflies (spirit) to return to the journey.
The clock (one of the skull's "eyes") numbers are from various
civilizations and times. The clock is surrounded by Uroboros, the
serpent with tail in mouth signifying eternity.

The Cosmic Jester

The Cosmic Jester is a piece reminding us that what we see as fatality and death, its often merely Life's Cosmic Joke. With eyes closed we allow ourselves, puppet-like, to be led by none other than the Cosmic Jester himself, the soul dancing across the Valley of the Shadow of Death unaware of the humor inherent in the Cosmos.

These works are available as matted or unmatted prints. E-mail Boo for details.

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