Mercury Retrograd
As Mercury gets ready to go retrograde or retard motion; which means to slow, or give the appearance of back wards movement by degree through the sky. There is an exact mathematical point by degree, for this occurance, once Mercury passes that point "it's officially retrograde".

Even though Mercury will move forward before the exact degree it went retrograde in, a dark effect or (Shadow Period) is experienced, it's not as confusing as the inital retrograde, it is designed to remove what is not needed in your life, so that when Mercury is direct your choices are from a full vantage point of knowledge or understanding, nothing hidden.

Once Mercury moves past this point (direct Station), the retrograde period is completely gone and all residuals that might have lay sliently during the shadow period have been freed energetically.

Mercury Retrograde is assosiated with mis-communication, train derailments, public figures getting arrested for very silly choices, mis-understandings, blatant lies, mechanical break downs, planes breaking down along with washing machines, door key's weird experiences, and unexplained incidents.

We hear that contracts and legal issues should be put on hold and under no circumstances be signed nor should we make life changing choices during this time. life go on regardless of the planets? its the out come of those choices and our decision making technique that gets a bit muddled as we move through the thinking veils of mercury Retrograde.

Mercury is ruled and expressed by all things Gemini and Virgo, knowledge on all levels yet not in-depth(Gemini) and knowledge of intense focus and depth(Virgo). Mercury brings about expression,thought command and formulation of ideas, agreements( as in contracts, intellectual and legal) understanding premise on an intellectual level. So when it goes Retrograde ( which means to slow or retard motion)what actually happens? Since each and every person is born with a different thinking structure reflected by their own Mercury position, it is individual. Not every one has a bad time during this period of time which happens 3 times a year for 3 weeks at a time.

Some of our friends, family and foe are all born with Mercury Retrograde, yes that's right, people are born with this particular aspect in their natal charts. WOW, how do they do it? What does this mean? and how can a person reconcile this tremendous energy, and compile it in a productive way..?

People who are born with this Natally are thought to be stupid or mentally challenged at the very least a little stupid..

Lets look at the reality of "Mercury Retrograde" As a purely passionate Astrologer, its seems that once we learn and understand that the planets are not controlling us but are actually an application of our choice to express energy as a person living this particular life. Planets move and dance in order to harmonize and balance energies and we then respond in a way that's natural to our life path.

No two paths are ever the same. Planets are our choice of energy much like vitamins, some people need more c, or b or more spinach in life just like some birth coding is designed to express differently.

Those who are born with Mercury Retrograde are fulfilling a promise to learn how to think for themselves in this life, with out being structured or confined by perimeters and boundaries, not morally, not culturally or Universally. Usually the baby in utter can feel the conflict between the parents and the discord and reflecting differing opinions makes a vibrant imprint on the mind of the baby. At the point of pregnancy these parents are directly opposed in thought, each believing their thinking is righteous.

It then becomes the babies Karma to think for ones self regardless of how many times the same issue may arise or with out the usual fear of being rejected by ones loved . The beauty of Mercury Retrograde is that these people are free to make thoughts and gain insight with out any preconceived notions, they have freedom of advancement through thought and a great tenaciousness of trying the same application until the desired out come is achieved.

They think so differently then most, gaining a reputation as inventive, odd, ingenious, and when we look back through out history we will find that inventors avante guard designers and trend setters are all privy to one little secret, Mercury Retrograde. Reason being they take their time to assimilate into their thought and regardless of first or second out come they continue to formulate there own ideas. Leading them to learn what is truly important to them.

The Retrograde slows us down and makes us refocus our goals to work in harmony with our path direction, the aspect is considered spiritual, teaching and once mastered allowing the owner to grow intellectually in such a way as to make great strides towards humanity, whether on a large or small level. When we as a group of people experience this energy it is directed at soul reflection and that is the true reason for the delays and we are all suppose to take the time to figure what we actual want...

Not what we think we need because we are caught up in the rat race. Why should we not sign documents during this time? Because most certainly what we have planned will change as soon as the energy moves forward.

Poetry in motion and thought in progression is a great expression for the movement and creative potential of Mercury Retrograde.
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