Are You Psychically, Intuitively or Emotionally Sensitive?

Hereís How to Protect Yourself from Outside Attacks!

A "Psychic Attack" is other people's deliberate attempted use of your energies, with out your permission for their own gain or control.

As human beings we consist of three distinctly different yet combined energy fields which utilize in strength to give us a texture and temperament.

Our physical body which is dense and tangible, your skin, organs, and physical vitality in the most literal sense, the driving force behind your actions.

Our mental body which allows us to elaborate through purpose of thought, both ingrained from prior life beliefs or lesson learned experiences form your current life time.

Our ethereal body or "Spirit Body" which is an exact duplicate of the physical body  that vibrates with the essence of your spirit," Your Soul" this is what leaves your physical body when you die.

If any one of the 3 energies is out of alignment, you can see personality disorders , physical ailments and negative thought patterns creep into the personality of the person being attacked.

Do you know someone at work or in your personal life who smiles to your face, but leaves you feeling insecure or vulnerable? Have you ever felt like your personal talents were under attack? Have others taken credit for your good work, yet you never stood up for yourself because you worried that other simply wouldnít believe you? If so, you could be the victim of a psychic attack!

As a psychic and intuitive, Iím particularly sensitive to othersí energies, and conscious or unconscious desires to take advantage of my own talents and abilities for their own benefit. I call this being "psychically attacked". Basically, I define a psychic attack as other people's willing or unwitting use and abuse of another personís true talents through emotional manipulation.

These individuals are typically masters at identifying your emotional insecurities, and then manipulating them to their advantage. As a result, the individual under attack can experience a sense of powerlessness that can inhibit their personal expression, and worse, pull them from their highest and best path in life.

Psychic attacks can be as simple as a neighbor who sends a steady stream of negative thoughts or even verbal attacks your way such as "I hope youíre killed in a terrible car accident!", to the full-fledged gypsy or witch who places a curse on you. (Keep in mind there are very few strongly disciplined spell casters in North America who engage in these practices.

Please be assured that you probably donít have a spell or curse against you and that this is a typical ploy used by street or store front gypsies to separate you from your money!) More commonly, subtle attacks can come from people in everyday life, in the workplace and even from your own friends and family members. These individuals secretly covet your experiences, talents and potential, and as a result, they fixate their thoughts and emotions on you, which in turn sets up psychic cords.

These ethereal cords can in effect pull you off your course by distracting you from your own goals and achievements, and disrupting your natural peace of mind.

Psychics, mediums and other individuals who are emotionally sensitive or have latent psychic gifts, are particularly vulnerable to attacks that come from the spirit realms. Itís not uncommon for a medium to find entities attempting to attach their own feelings and emotions back into the physical plane via the mediumís human body. As a result, the psychic or medium in question may have a lingering sense of depression or sadness that can sometimes be so overwhelming as to create physical depression.

Whether youíre a psychic or medium, or simply empathic, sensitive, intuitive or emotional, itís important to protect yourself from these potentially harmful attacks. This process is simple and can be done quickly and easily with this simple meditation:

Please remember that when you experience instances of psychic attack, awareness and acknowledgement of your own fears, insecurities and phobias is the first step towards protecting yourself. You are only human, and itís okay to love and accept yourself for who you are, flaws and all. Furthermore, establishing clear personal boundaries with others is critical towards protecting yourself.

Finally, to make sure that you arenít encroaching on otherís personal space, make sure that all your daily interactions with others is as positive as possible. If you try, but simply canít maintain this positive space with another person (or people), and if you find yourself feeling drained of energy, itís time to either put up your protection, or distance yourself physically from them!

Hereís How to Protect Yourself from Outside Attacks!

Daily exercise, good eating habits, a strong positive mental outlook, along with the avoidance of mind altering substances are the basics in psychic hygiene.

If the body and it's energy field ( Aura) are bound together in strength, it then becomes harder for a negative energy( Anger, Hate, greed, abuse) to corrupt your particular Aura.  As with all things negative the energy will most likely move on to a more open or corrupted Aura.  ( One that will not notice the attack or one that is broken down and therefore can not defend itself).

Imagine threads and fibers bound together tightly on an expensive piece of closing, this is the patterning of the Aura, now imagine the integrity of the garment corrupted by moth holes or tear's.  This is the very same thing that happens to the Aura when we ingest things like:  Alcohol, Sugar, LSD and pills, we take down the defenses of the body and make it easy,  like and open door for those unwanted entities and energies to filter into our sphere.

Corrosive energies such as  depression rage, covert entitlement, greed, dissatisfaction, and ill will,  seep out into society and it takes a lot of self awareness to block and re direct the energy flow.

The reason you both block and redirect the energy is to send a more harmonious elemental quality of emotion back out into the Universe.

Emotions sent outwards in the negative build up speed and power and that is not our goal.

Working as a Professional Psychic Medium, as well as being extremely environmentally sensitive, has taught me the discipline of diligent "Psychic Hygiene" in order to maintain an energetic harmony and balance with in my own body.

Wake up each day and take your thumb and index finger on both hands, entwine them, like two rings bound together, mentally become strong.!

Now take that stance at any business meeting or professional situation put your hands behind your back on your lap, and entwine your fingers, this solidifies the strength of your energy and harnesses the Aura to rotate in a protective figure eight, infinate wisdom is the symboligy, which stops others negativity from entering into your energy.  The beauty is it can be done any where with out notice.  Its a private protection.!

The quickest,  I mean an immediate way to break up the anger particles is through tone and vibrational harmony.

I use a little 4 by 2 inch gong called an "Inspiration/E1"

It fits in my purse, sits on my desk or on top of the dinning room table.  I clear the room prior to beginning, any psychic readings or mediumship work or if I have presentations, it brings all energies in the room to an equal starting place.  

The desired achievement is a continuum of pitch which takes 30 seconds to a minuet.  The theory is the same as the monks who chant in "OM frequency", once there is a  a break down of negative particles the strength of anger or depression dissipate quickly, as those vibrations can not resonate in pitch harmony.

Salt and Vinegar

This is a very quick practice that immediately works.... When my boys were little and came home from school with attitude, into a bath they went with the mixture, they always re-appeared in a different frame of mind.

I find this simplistic mix of regular store bought vinegar and table salt an amazing Aura cleanse or Sprit bleach, because it immediately takes clinging stuck thought or emotional debris left by those you come into contact with from your Aura energy vibrations and removes it. Done, no questions asked.!

Carry a small water bottle with an equal mixture of basic white vinegar and table salt.

Several times a day wash your hands with the mixture, it's common in most work environments that our hands play a first introductory part of our daily routine and then we continue along collecting the energies of others.  By 9 pm at night we don't know what our own thoughts are.

Whether we are a dental hygienist or a cashier, school teacher , busy mother or professional psychic medium.  If you work in the public, then this will work to ensure the strength of your energetic force field.

it's advisable everyday to add the salt and vinegar mixture into your bath water and soak or to dump a full cup of the mixture over the top of your head "Crown Charka" while showering, close your eyes and imagine a silver or illuminated white thread, from above the top of your head running through the center of your body through all your charka's, and then running out through the bottom of your feet, while verbally saying I release all energy that isn't mine.  And down the drain it goes.  

The only detriment is momentarily smelling like a salad dressing.  I will also take this mixture and wipe down door handles and sink drains so as to remove any stubborn un wanted energy......

Specifically to remove Anger...and those who covet what you have.

In your work space use Lavender and Rose oil held together with Almond Oil as a spray that will immediately demand a pleasant environment, this oil is used to put on the body at the base of the neck in order to stop attacks by those a little more skilled in the psychic arts, you can also spray into any air conditioning ducks where damp dark energy stays and this will remove the appealing quality of the space.
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