How do we arrive in this human form and what does it mean?

The human body has always brought forth wonder and amazement with all of its unique complexities.The soul, on the other handm is the energy or essence of the spirit of a person and is not confined to the physical form. Soul energy is expansive, expressive and lives on and on moving past the exterior boundaries of the human form. The soul has come to earth to experience a life and during this time live with in a physical house (body) and experience the multitudes of feelings and sensations we feel and live as human beings.

One thing we all share is the birth process and the arrival in this dense human form. On a spiritual level the work on earth while living as human being is technically a difficult and accelerated learning experience, considered to be a 'crash course' in Karma correction.

The soul or spirit or vibrational energy that we embody prior to birth becomes the human being and the person, ego, mind and spirit after birth.

As a Medium I have come to understand that sometimes a soul is born into a genetic family and body that is downright impossible to live in chemically for the soul or spirit energy. Causing an arrey of what we consider mental illnesses.

We are actually composed of three different bodies that must be in balance and harmony to move us through this life experience.

Our physical body, which is dense and filled with the incredible mechanics that allow us movement, thought, expression and a vehicle with which to bring in another soul during childbirth.

We then have a thin, almost translucent body or double called the Etheric body which is an exact replica of our present physical body and which is attached by a cord almost like an umbilical cord that allows us the freedoms of traveling the astral levels while we sleep at night.

I learned about the cord directly from my two-year old son Jason as he spoke of his astral (Out Of Body) travels into our locked garage and how when confronted by negative spirit beings he was able to return to his sleeping body by following the cord, which he thought looked like a space suit cord . After all my years of travelling out of my body I had never seen my own cord and was given an intense visual explanation from my son. Proving to me that chronilogical age on Earth has nothing to do with soul knowledge or understanding or learning experience. (Out of the mouths of babes)

Out of body experiences allow us to learn on a different level

While protecting our life force, through the humbled energy expression of sleep, we learn on many different levels. Although many of us have no conscious knowledge of this journey, we are doing it in those quiet nighttime hours. As you first lay down to sleep and then feel a jolt as your body jumps, you will recognize the priming steps to leaving the physical body behind. By morning we return to our (host) or physical body. The physicality of our body is much like a car that we drive for several years and then trade in, move on or up. Very rarely does one drive only one car and it is the same with the soul we are given a multitude of lives with thwich to explore different physical bodies. This is why we as human being are not meant to envy another's life or expression such as a beautiful musician, because there comes a point where time on a soul level allows use the freedom to live that very life. So encouraging anotherâs soul expression is related to directly encouraging our soul growth and creative ability.

The third part of this combination is our aura and this is the energetic completion and record of our soul history and presence throughout time. The auric energy is a combination of both history and future events but more precisely it is the fusing energy and experiences that we are directly connected with at this point in time.

The aura is subtle and translucent and projects outward from the physical body about two feet and sometimes more, especially when the person is charismatic or public or embraced by the masses giving them a stronger energy illumination. The aura is an amazing tool with which to gather information from all interactions that you have during your daily lives. Especially since it is a type of energy coding that expels the story of you and others in subtle form, however when you pay attention to this coding (energy)you are guided towards success, away from danger and towards love. This sensibilty is an excellent natural mechanism to manouver on the planet earth.

We human beings tend to focus strictly on the tangible and sometimes overlook subtle expressions. Even a statue that sits out side a park has an aura vibration emanating from it and tells a story of those who have come by.

We are all moving living energy expressions both from within and from the outside, the dense physical structure of the earth atmosphere would become only energy vibrating seamlessly, especially if we were to speed the planet up our actual molecular structure would drop off and allow vibrant energy patterns to remain. That is exactly what the aura is: a vibrant soul level body language.

Deep with in these three bodies we also have our own energy harnessing centers or little energy orbs called Chakras, that work in harmony, independently to balance our physical body and keep our energy flowing.

Chakras are spheres of radiating light energy that each have their own patterns, as individual as fingerprints.

These spheres vibrate and connect in order to keep us living and moving on the physical plane. Often when we develop an actual physical illness it is because of an ongoing Chakra imbalance.

These Energy Centers have an order and purpose for our spiritual development.


Base Of The Spine, this is exactly where the sphere is located, this Chakra is connected to white energy color and implements the knowledge that we are both spiritual and material and practical, and that combining and balancing these forces will give us the development we need to become who we truly are as spiritual beings on earth. This center is connected to the adrenal glands and, when out of balance, can cause hopelessness and discouragement. Our lesson is to learn is that there is no need to separate our life expressions. We are loved.

SOUL CHAKRA Seat of the Soul Chakra or the second energy center is located half way between the navel and the base of the spine. The color of this Chakra is Violet and connects us to our original state of existence and in the act of creation we are to become who we truly are. This center is connected to the reproductive organs and the elimination system of the body. To create and remove and create again. When this Chakra is out of balance it causes general disregard or intolerance of others and the inability to forgive. Teaching us that all creations are of value and to be respected for their gift.

SOLAR PLEXUS, or the third energy center is located right at the navel. This Chakra radiates to a combination of purple, gold and ruby colorwise. One of the trickiest lessons we must learn is taught from the depth of the Solar Plexus. Learn mastery over our desires and emotions and becoming selfless. The Solar Plexus is the area where we develop those psychic gut level feelings, this Chakra is also connected to the liver and pancreas and digestive system. When out of balance the ego, anxiety, fear compulsion, and anger are evident.

HEART CHAKRA, the fourth energy Center, is found in the center of the chest and embodies all forms and expressions of Love. Become Love, compassion creativity selflessness and love. This Chakra is connected to the heart, thymus and circulatory system. When out of balance the energy manifests as the opposite of Love, hatred, greed, disdain, negligence and selfishness.

THROAT CHAKRA, or fifth energy center, is located exactly where the name suggests in the throat and is what I use to access my Clairaudient abilities, to speak freely and flow with knowledge. The colors connected to this Chakra are blue and by mastering the will and power we are able to create from a point of Love. Power, will, faith and protection radiate from the throat and the connection to the body respiratory system, lungs and thyroid. When out of balance control, gossip, impotence and acts of cowardice and self-doubt will come forward.

THIRD EYE or sixth energy center, we hear the phrase "sixth sense", which is directly connected to this Chakra and the ability to see clairvoyantly. Seeing the Divine vision for all, the energy is truth, vision, abundance, healing, focus, music and high vision for yourself. The pituitary or pineal glands and connecting portions of the brain are represented by this Chakra. When out of balance you will see criticism, inconsistency, lack of vision and faith, falsehood, lies.

CROWN CHAKRA: this Chakra is located at the top of your head and becomes activated causing an intense tingling feeling (like pins and needles) while opening up communication channels to talk to those people who have crossed over. The crown Chakra is also our divine connection to the direct God source or Universal knowledge. The color energy is a Golden Yellow. This Chakra is connected to the pineal or pituitary and cerebral cortex, nervous system and when out of balance manifests as narrow-mindedness, ego self-centered-ness spiritual pride and ignorance. This Chakra embodies wisdom.

Aura Exercises:

As a child I learned to see the Aura of other people while outside running around and exhausting my own physical energy; it then became very easy to see the colors of people.

So while you exercise practice looking at objects trees, rocks, buildings, fountains or people you pass. Look to the outside of the physical form to their out line, allow you eyes to become static or out of focus then look a few inches either side. Be patient and see if you can see a glow or detect color.

You can also stand in front of the mirror and allow yours eyes to move slightly out of focus then look to the out line of your face and see if a color comes through or a slight slivery out line. The more you practice the easier it will become until your seeing the glow on all things you come across.


In order to become harmonious in your enviornment you must learn how to balance and cleanse the energy you come across in your daily life. This is the quickest and easiest way I have found to do this. When you're in the shower imagine all 7 chakras as swirling colored energy vibrating from their perspective areas. When you step into the shower let the water hit your head and imagine it as a protective cleaning movement that will wash negative and draining energy expressions through the other chakras connected by a silver string of light. This string runs exactly through the center of your body and goes through the middle of each chakram all 7: the crown, third eye throat heart solar plexus soul and lastly the root chakraâs. Once envisioning this, imagine a protective white light glowing around the body keeping it clean and protected through out the day. For a special added touch drop some plain white vinegar and some salt into the water this is actually a psychic trick we use to immediately remove negative energy. The only hazard is smelling like a salad.
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