Psychic Mediums and Empaths
For the past 20 years I have made the rounds in Hollywood trying to forge my way publicly.

The perception of what a “Psychic Medium” is and what is considered authentic and how that should “look” is completely miss-communicated by the media. Commercialism at it’s finest really doesn’t hold a candle to the reality of being a Psychic Medium. and living that life.

I was born a Psychic Medium, with the natural ability to communicate the undercurrents and unseen energy that surrounds us in the world. Since the age of 14 as a homeless teenager who choose to express myself as I “SAW” myself and not as other’s wished me to be. I have lived the life of and experienced the world as a professional “Psychic Medium”.
The most common thread I’ve dealt with in our society and more locally in my immediate environment is the aspect of being forced too prove myself while validating myself, my work and my passion in this life and the fact that I am a 5″5 busty blond, Psychic Medium, married mother of two junior Psychic and Intuitive Mediums.
That really throws people, my apperance as though I ‘ am not entitled to good genes. People will often tell me they “believe in me”… or “they don’t”. More importantly who asked them if they believe in me?, who really cares what people believe, that is their personal choice, after all life is not a dictatorship.

We are born as we are and it’s no mystery that our appearance does not validate or discredit the natural gift. As a whole our society has a issue with allowing the unexplained by modern science to exist. By very nature the existence of something we as modern human beings can not explain leaves room to explore our concurrent beliefs and must to our surprise we might just find out that what we know scientifically, isn’t as we know it.

An intuitive person is just like everyone else and bares no special mark or existence, they are here with purpose much like a person with a natural inclination towards math or athleticism. Yet society through the barring down of the media fascination with the metaphysical has created and concocted their version of what a “Psychic Medium” is…

Having said that:

It is always so funny to me on a very personal level how people in my profession are judged and judge each other and sought after especially in Hollywood, based on the public’s concept of what we sould be like if we are truly Psychics, Mediums. Empaths, Healers and Intuitives.
Going against the trend of Hollywood Actresses, youth and beauty and sveltness are shunned in favor of the implied authority of the older, overweight, stereotyped Medium, snorting vodka, through cockeyed glances at some poor unsuspecting person looking to talk to their dead grandmother.

The reality is quiet the opposite, Psychics and Mediums look exactly as they were born, through no effort or fault of their own, combined with the genetic structure of their family heritage. Otherwise known as the “Gene Pool”. Some are blessed with beautiful physical attributes, others are not. So some psychics are hot and some are not.

The GIFT is either evident or it isn’t… An un appealing venue or appearance is not necessarily the way to judge the validity of a Psychic Medium.
The very nature of Intuitive work is to communicate feelings, thoughts, images and audio information from outside of ones normal perception and that.. by definition open’s the door to public scrutiny.
How do we know that what an Intuitive, Psychic Medium or Empath is hearing, seeing or feeling is correct or relevant.? We actually don’t unless of coarse we- listen and feel how the wording hit’s us and how relevant we feel it is to our current circumstance. The sitter ( person getting the reading) bares some responsibility for utilizing the information in a way that seems reasonable to them.
The information is not something to fear but to actualize, sense and work with, while using in your daily life as a format or guidance, not the unbroken word of God…. If after you get a reading you are feeling better, then I guess the purpose has been seen.

It has been my experience through a life time of work and patterns that Intuitive, Psychic Medium’s learn to discern their thought expressions, by past experience and understanding of the information from practical hands on experience.

The more you work the more you know and learn how your unique body instrument works. The gift manifests itself differently depending on the persons DNA structure and ability to handle energy and the instinct for the stages of development,much like any other expression in life.
If a person is a very visual, images are projected in a stronger frequency, then a person who is very verbal, where the messages will come through in audio communication. It is this information that is sought after and communicated by a Psychic Medium or Intuitive or Astrologer.

That information has people trying to prove its exsistance in truth, quiet frankly, I have spoken too, one to many a television producer who has the miss guided, notion, that we need validating, oftne uttering the confused ” How will we prove it to the audience”.

It’s about the journey, the expereince, not proving it, after all people used to believe the world was flat. Posing the question to a multitude of proof needing people “Do you go to church”? 9 out of 10 times they will look wide eyed and almost in disbelief as they reply “YES”, prompting me to ask WHY? Who in that church that you go too, has proven the existence of God? ( and by proven I am allowing the scientific latitude) Who has literally and tangibly shown you the God that you worship?

People tend to believe what they have been told by those close to them and in society, Religion is another subject which is faith based.. It just is. So why then is it so imperative to Prove Psychics Mediums, Intuitive Empaths and Healers…?

That seems to be the science side of human nature… As though being able to PROVE “it” makes it real and by being real scientific we can be safe because we can define with in a certain frame of relativity that the experience will respond and react in a certain format.

My concern has always been with whom we allow to judge and test and from what base of knowledge or mindset they come from.

Believing in and experiencing the intuitive side of the world is a random expression that follows no one particular pattern, it is as it comes through, at the moment of communication. The energy is untamed and wild leaving us vulnerable to admit we truly don’t know exactly what happens to us or the purpose and that no matter what we think… through our tests and society we….not one us, can conclude with any certaintaty that life is as we experience it….

Because we live with in our own individual experience and the moment of experiencing it, and if I am a 14year old girl in Texas who has just become pregnant by my best friend’s older brother or a 14 year old girl in Bangladesh, who struggles to stay alive while looking for food in the surrounding village, the experience and belief of life is markedly different and therefore both valid, yet different and so is true of the Psychic Mediumship and Intuitive side of the life…

No two will experience the vibration and energy the same way. We come into the world and we leave the world as only our energy expressed and learned through a life time of single moments.

Seer’s, Intuitive’s, Psychic’s and Medium’s work from the feelings thoughts, images and information of what is around them and how they perceive it, a “heightened perception” a different way of seeing the world….

You are drawn to the translation style or energy of the Medium through guidance from your own energy field and how it is perceived, vibrations connect, and it’s a feeling of familiarity. You are drawn to a Medium, Psychic, Astrologer or Healer because they are at the same level of resonation and can guide you from that base.

We don’t need to justify or prove who we are, any more then you need to validate your work or life path or who you are. Hopefully you work and live because you feel it within your soul to pursue your path in this life with passion.

To fight to validate one’s self regardless of work expression is to believe that you need the approval of society , family friends or whom ever to be valid in the in order to be worthy … This actually stifles your growth both spiritually and intellectually if you are living for someone’s approval. No two people are born to do the same thing.

The fact that you exist makes your journey worthy and right for you because you are living the humanness of your nature, allowing for lessons and experiences, of which no one is to judge. Even in the most extreme circumstances such as murder crime or unfair events, there is a component that is not with in our range to understand and to judge it would be to assume we under stand and KNOW the bigger picture.

Mediums, Psychic’s Empaths, Healers and Intuitives know what they know, “a sense of quiet strength” and they don’t know why or how…” they just do”. It takes a certain amount if trust for the Psychic Medium to speak what they know with out explanation because with their communication they go where others can not for fear of being judged.

Being a modern “Psychic Medium” is not an easy thing. Its very easy for those who do not believe, need to prove, obsessed with invalidating and disregarding Psychic Mediums to really hit home in their quest for the truth. Especially now that a new group of “self proclaimed skeptics” is joining in the media frenzy for air time, they try to utilize their information as a way of validating a Psychic or Mediums work.
All this means is “Who are they to test me or any other Intuitive Psychic Medium”.. What special knowledge do you process to prove the existence of a natural expression. You know this when you explore the different levels of life on this planet, understanding how the energy is expanded at differing states if development helps formulate understanding. If a skeptic is a different level they will not believe, let along entertain the idea.

Being a Psychic Medium or Intuitive, Healer or Medical Empath, is a natural expression and expression in life that usually comes through childhood as the Medium, gets their first messages and images and information, the experience is new and depending on the family of birth, either accepted or rejected.

Regardless the psychic will still get the information and continue the expression because it is so natural, like going to the bathroom, eventually no matter how you try to avoid it you are going to have to deal with it because the urge is overwhelming.

The child will harness the energy in the easiest and most natural way to the Childs host body (Physical body) and for those who choose to embrace the path, then life will be filled with the service of information that an Intuitive Medium, Empath or Psychic is lead to express.
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