Angels - Guides - Soul Teachers - Guardian Angels and The Others

I am a firm believer that each one of uses and develops our own skills and abilities uniquely and that each person receives their psychic energy and medium communication gifts in pure form and with respect and consideration of their own physical dynamics.

Several things that come into play are:

- What level of physical energy the soul emanates and how the person harnesses that energy. - Mentally, how open are they to receiving these messages without the interference of ego. - During their learning acceleration, how the gift was nurtured. - Most importantly: how their individual energetic codes are geared and reflected. This in turn will determine the strength of force while accessing information and relaying it to others.

Due to the rising popularity of mediums and psychics, we are hearing more about guides who are bringing in information for those who await word from recently deceased loved ones. This has always been a little cliché, and something I felt was relied upon by the mediums to deflect responsibility from answers given during a session. Or at the very least, this is a form of intellectual illustration so the sitter can have an idea of the communication process.

I don't believe Guides are needed for communication, we all have access.

In some cases we have a hard time believing a mere mortal can possess such insight and it becomes easy to say, "well, the Guides are telling me". At times this seems to alleviate anxiety about the information itself and therein serves its purpose.

What are Guides and do we all have them?

Yes. We all have Guides around us living in conjunction with us, on different levels. The word, "Guide" doesn't mean automatically good or kind or of God, either. People will often assume Guides must know so much more than we do, making their word gospel. This is a misconception, as is the idea of your loved ones becoming your Guides. Those who have died have their own soul path work and karma and are not here just to help formulate your life. This, however, does not mean that they do not come in and out of your life with words of wisdom and guidence--they do so because they love you.

Our Guides are at their own levels of development weather it be beginner, middle or truly enlightened being. If they are in our daily lives, they, too, are working off karma and learning through us as we learn with them.

Remember: we have free will for a reason. Ultimately, we know what is best for our own soul development. In fact, prior to birth we have been given all the information we need. The trick becomes listening to oneself.

Individual Guides come in many shapes and sizes and are from many different backgrounds. They are often souls who have spent life times on earth previously and have decided to work off karmic debt by either helping a human being navigate through his or her life, or by imparting any learned wisdom they can.

Some Guides are specifically positioned to help with potential problems similar to the ones they experienced in their own lives: ethnic, birth, addiction, imbalances, genetics). Yet other guides may never have incarnated to Earth at all, and simply wish to help us develop spiritually or with one particular part of the personality. This could mean assistance with issues such as laughter, openness, compassion anger or friendship.) These guides are personally geared to motivate us to a higher spiritual development, in turn moving to a higher state of development themselves.

Guides come in to help families of people overcome familiar generational rifts or thought forms (such as racism, abuse of power, poverty, ignorance) and these guides, like "Generation Guides", focus specifically on the group family dynamics, never forming a bond with just one member but instead trying to unify the group towards balance.

All the other beings that move about the ethers seem to respect the fact that we have chosen to work on this level, ie, earth. Earth life is a highly dense, accelerated pace with great heights to be reached although requiring great risk while striving. Eventually, those on earth will receive tremendous rewards regardless of which path we have walked--there are many paths to a point of determination. Working in harmony with our Guides is the key. Listening to intuition and gut-level feelings are equal in importance.

A sudden thought that enters your mind is most likely a helpful hint from a Guide persuading you to take notice. When a Guide is assigned to a person it is because the interaction is needed for the Guide to learn as well as the earthbound soul. This bonding will help both achieve a karmic resolution.

The Guides resonate at many different levels of energy and can be alternately wonderful, challenging, humble, mean, evil, rude, ignorant, angry, or cranky nitpickers--not unlike the many people you know on Earth. No matter what your Guide is like, it is very unlikely that you will attract a Guide out of your league, so to speak. In other words, what you are is what you attract.

Generational Guides - Teachers We are also born with Guides who appear to specifically teach a generation of people group lessons. These particular Guides are used by leaders of society (presidents, inventors and non-traditional thinkers and the mavericks of a generation ) to impart wisdom on the masses. These Guides have specific destinations of knowledge that must be left behind for this generation to learn. This applies to newborn souls, who are prepared emotionally for what knowledge and wisdom they will one day teach when they come of age. It also applies to the adult generation at the time of the new soul's birth-- ie, how they view the generation prior and the damage left behind, etc. This shift occurs every 2 1/2 years and then within each of those 2 1/2 years a wider generation cir*****ference of 10 years is added. This combines the beginning concept, the middle, the activation and the end. Each 2 1/2 years balances the lesson until another is in place and so the cycle goes.

The Generation Teachers vibrate at a higher etheric level due to their generational teachings, meaning they tune into group karma and historical evolution geared at soul development. These are the mass teachers. This karma is also given to those who have lived through their personal situations on Earth: they will then begin to work off the mass karma in order to assist those that are stuck. The more "debt-free" you become, the more karma of others you will contend with.

Our daily Guides work with our goals, dreams, hopes, wishes, our neighbors, mothers, bosses and with whatever we might wish to learn. Floating pieces of useful knowledge are sent to us so me may work to obtain what we spiritually desire. When "we fall off of the wagon" (bad choices, etc) it is our guides that try to move us towards the correct or most beneficial soul outcome. It is also our connection to the Universal Knowledge that allows us access to information of a spiritual nature that will in turn help us with our stay here on Earth. As I have said many times before, we have free will. This truth puts forks in the road, and our guides have to watch to see what the ending to any situation will be, just as we do.

Some of our personal Guides work with us on certain areas of our lives such as relationships, children, career or goals, expression and so forth. When it comes to karma am reminded of a particular wedding between a lovely young girl. She was beautiful but troubled, intelligent but reacting stupidly. She was engaged to a young man who was a thug and severely emotionally weak, drug-addicted and violent. Yep, all the makings of a real blissful union. This young woman knew instinctively that her choice was wrong and even voiced it to me on several occasions. Yet, as many of us do, she went against her better judgement and proceeded to walk down the aisle with this man. But just before saying, "I do", a loud, booming voice permeated the room: "don't do it!" The voice was so loud she turned around to ask who had spoken, but nobody was there. There is no doubt that this was a Guide trying to impart the knowledge she was choosing to ignore.

Sometimes we human beings think we can control a situation merely by desiring for it to work.This is a form of ego: "if we try, it will be." Perhaps when dealing with karma, one must consider that there are two independent souls involved. Free will and a chemical combination of human hormones making it impossible to control. There is never control, there are only the choices we make. This makes us responsible, even if the outcome is miserable.

Guides work in our lives to help us develop a strong sense of who we are from a spiritual perspective. This includes conversations with them. We can visually see the guides, if we ask. We can see them in our mind's eye or outside of our selves. A meditative state is the most conducive state for us to see them. This meditative state is also essential for communicating with those who have passed on regardless of fame. It doesn't matter if you are trying to communicate with Gandhi, Buddha, St Germaine, your husband/wife, best friend, beloved teacher or your parents. A similar pattern seems to resonate through all these experiences. If the person remains on the other side and has not incarnated back or moved on to the other developmental realms, then the access is straightforward. In other words, we are able to contact to spirit directly and without Guides arranging it.

The exception is with those of worldly importance or mass fame popularity. These souls, too, are trying to progress and develop and move on to different realms--sometimes to a very enlightened level. (This makes it more difficult for them to pop into your garden club séance luncheon or channeling session).

"Keepers" Most people who attend a séance or channeling session wish to speak to someone famous such as the entities I named in a previous paragraph. Whoever the famous person being sought is, I am sure hundreds if not thousands of people have tried to communicate with them, "jamming up the telephone lines". For example, let's say Gandhi is our preferred contact, a man who dedicated his life to teaching the lessons of love and acceptance through peaceful means. Do we really expect him to come through on a psychic level while we channel? Most likely, the soul with whom we speak might actually be a "keeper" of information for the departed teacher or master. I have found that these "keepers", as I call them, are readily available to answer questions and bring information to those who ask. These are beings who become accessible when those we wish to connect with are elsewhere. They will respond to inquiries of those who are being channeled yet who are not energetically present. It becomes a keeper's job to reflect this valuable information. (You will hear mediums say they channel this person or that person, directly and repeatedly, perhaps the famous name is what they feel motivates legitimacy. This is only their ego. It is a medium's work to communicate information, not name-drop.) Some very famous keepers have come into the public eye, such Dr. Peoples who is channeled by several different mediums: he makes the rounds. Others who seem to be the "in-house" speakers for imparting the knowledge left behind by the Masters make themselves known as well. There are cases where the keeper is working off karma by agreeing to resonate with the information state. Besides interacting with the keepers, another option is to access the Akashic Records directly where the information is always contained for communication.

If one is truly enlightened or developed spiritually, it stands to reason you will move on to the higher levels, where the interaction between here and there is somewhat isolated due to the vibrational frequency. In the case of death by your own hand or accident, another incarnation can be immediate. As soon as the soul recognizes the mistake, arrangements are quickly made to return and complete what was missed or interrupted. This makes it difficult to communicate with such a soul, because they have moved on energetically.

Sometimes Mediums channel Illuminated beings without specific identification and write the teachings compiled in books at stores that deal with metaphysics. In some very special and highly developed people, "few of whom walk this Earth", there is direct communication with the highly evolved teacher who was once a Master on Earth. There is the case of Joan of Arc, who was visited by God. An elevated Soul Teacher--one who illuminates next to the God source--who came directly to the strength found in Joan and gave her the tools to do what was karmically needed. The rest is history.

Soul Teachers Soul Teachers are large and luminous and big. reaching over six feet in human size. They are luminescent and winged like angels. They have a very precise form and come through when there are life-changing events or decisions. They are the path workers who have followed your soul development throughout time and continue to strive to see you reach your ultimate goal of oneness universally. Soul Teachers are recognized by the tones and music they emanate while around. They are often present as your physical body is being trained vibrationally, ie, a "tonal workout". We need to harmonize our body rhythm in order to reach potential growth. Souls are a work in progress, forever evolving.

Dimensional Beings There is no description for these entities. Simply put: they are not human, not alien and not imaginary. Actually, they may be time travelers throughout the different levels or realms or dimensions that exist. Sometimes they teach, sometimes they observe, sometimes they explore.

Mediums There are two kinds of mediums. Trance: unconscious. Channels: conscious. I will try to explain both.

Let me begin by saying that Edgar Cayce is one of this century's most quoted, and most prominent. Cayce, known as "The Sleeping Prophet, retired every day for 2 hours. As he slept and slumbered he moved into trance where he allowed a Guide or Guides to enter his body and use his physical form to communicate. Cayce never had conscious knowledge of what he said during his slumber, so an assistant wrote and then compiled volumes of his work. He continued to practice until his death at the age of 66 yrs old. A trace channel or medium allows either their Guides or a Master Teacher to enter the aura and into the body in order to give information, leaving the human soul outside the physical form during the session. On a physical level, sleeping or trancing while receiving information is an easy and effective way on the body to work when you are allowing an entity of any level in to the physical body. Doing so can be a drain to the organs and the immune system, leaving the host (person) drained of life force.

The Conscious Channel is awake and appears awake during the session using all of the physical senses to gather information. The Guides or Teachers or Universal Knowledge is accessed through the crown chakra.

This act of being fully in the physical while receiving information takes a stronger energetic level to obtain and expands more direct energy. Getting enough sleep and nutrients and exercise are musts to maintain health and strength enough to be a Conscious Channel.

It Isn't So Some Mediums believe they need to work with a Guide to bring information or channel a Master to receive serious information. Many years of experience has taught me that we are all connected to "Universal Knowledge" and receive information from that source. Guides vibrate under that energy level and as such are prone to all the human behaviors, moods and egos. I strongly believe that in order to avoid the emotions of the lower level, Guides aren't necessarily a necessity. Instead, one can ask directly to go to the highest power one can energetically handle to access information. We all have the ability to access divine information and can hook into it at any point in time.

Before beginning a session, I ask for the highest and most divine information to come through. I don't stick to one method as I believe every experience is different and requires a different energetic vibration. The most important thing to remember while preparing is to ask for God's Protection while connecting.
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