Soul Path
Being born involves a life path and a flow of energy guided and molded on may different levels. Starting in childhood, we pick up a certain level of energy that is geared towards striving to accommodate the ideas of those we are enmeshed with and close to: our parents, partners, teachers and friends, even our enemies.

People express and focus differently at different points in time. Usually the need to feel connected, important, accomplished as well as to find and possess a channeled passion, executed genius, a God-given ability or gift, while working on Earth, is a top priority. Getting to that point (Soul Path) is often after a deliberate attempt to find specific answers to what is missing in your own life. We, as people with all our infinite wisdom, usually miss the point while it bounces right under our noses, or we will judge ourselves based on our own fears, especially with soul path and purpose. Some souls come in with a task that has been outlined specifically as far as their personal karma; indeed, because of a divine connection in early childhood, they are often referred to as "child prodigies". A child prodigy, like Mozart, is a miracle, a gift, different, divine and unique. These wonderful and illuminated instruments of energy (human beings) have a tremendous capacity to let go of their ego (judgement) and to hear, see and feel the energetic textures while remaining connected on an ethereal (spiritual) level.

Soul Path is specific, accumulating over many lifetimes and combining the elements of the process: learning, karmic gifting and karmic deposits, along with soul desire and soul intent. The soul path is the compilation of all considerations and which way to succeed at completing the path.

Prior to birth, there is an elevated Soul Council, or an evaluation and processing time. During this time, a decision is made between you and your assigned teachers, elevated beings, and those who are numbered beside you, those who are owed or whose life you will specifically impact due to an agreement. This decision will directly effect this circle: a flow of continued energy between acquainted souls. Considerations are taken for your energetic spiritual growth in this lifetime, and other components are considered, too, before a contract is reached. One must consider soul temperament and willingness to advance and the ability to accept the task at hand. Once recognized and agreed upon, an overlay will take place. An overlay is commensurate with obligated or karmic goals: think of debits and credits.

Let's say that for many lives you have been a student acquiring information, yet not fully present or expending the wonderful knowledge that you have gained, and in this life you are taking the first step in following a desire to teach. Once the teaching is sought after and transcended, there will be a sense of accomplished development. With that accomplishment, the prior sense of self and personal feelings of non-contribution are simultaneously corrected. The courageous choice to try a different modality in this life advances you on a soul level making it possible to move further in the evolutionary process of spirit.

Once the person is born and developing their own ideas of what they think they need, such as being a pilot or owning a restaurant, a constant push to succeed with these personal goals can be a wonderful diversion from true karmic goals and intent.

Only if we listen.

It becomes clear that our individual purpose, or Soul Path, is different from our desire--a wrestling with the ego. With a karmic obligation, it seems a lot of people describe an almost "avoidance" of their special gift on many different levels. Sometimes the Soul Path conflicts with what we desire, making it a chore for us to follow the right path or any path at all.

On an "unconscious" level, we are aware that we have assumed a certain level of responsibility. Karmic Responsibility and the task can further facilitate human insecurities of not being able to complete that goal. This results in a universal fear of failure. Simply put, this translates into a more primal feeling and fear of not being loved for who we really are.

This situation presents itself in different in ways, ways which will reflect the basic personality and persona as well as an individual's learned familiar attributes. For example, some people will tell you how they had "no choice" in their career. They were stuck with it unwittingly because, they'll tell you, they needed money to survive. Sometimes these people will follow directly in either of their parent's footsteps, because of the belief--accurate or not--that it was expected of them.

More confident, achievement-oriented individuals are usually fully mindful of what they are meant to do or be. Life seems to support that conclusion, and, as a result, things happen easily and flow, leading these people into a dream job, where they achieve and strive for more, bringing them every advantage.

Another type is the individual who has all but given up; this person is unwilling to be patient if things are not manifesting immediately. They will often say "I don't have any idea what I should do" or "I don't have any one particular passion" or "I don't feel driven" or "there is nothing I do well". Any of these statements may very well be true if looked at from the perspective from which they have chosen to live their lives; however, it is actually very far from the truth. Even on a very basic level these people exhibit in their lives a certain predisposition towards behaviors and creative forms or hobbies which bring them fulfillment, in which they excel. Sometimes the word "creative" confuses people, as it is often used to describe artists poets, musicians. Creativity actually comes from the ability to be completely present while doing a task and to continue a universal connection. For example, a dry cleaner is creative if he/she is truly present while doing the task.

If we all were able to look and listen or feel the signals of life as tangible messages that continue to impart soul intellect through the aura on a daily basis, we would recognize how subtle yet direct these messages are. All people seem to strive to be accepted as unique. Sometimes this leads to confusion, because people will think soul path means finding a cure for Cancer, winning Pulitzer prize, or writing the great American Novel, or helping the homeless on a grand scale. All these endeavors are enlightened and inspiring. However, judging yourself against another person's physical, mental or professional abilities will only cause a serious sense of disappointment and a continued resolve that will undermine your own gifts, actually taking away from your own sense and ability to follow your own special soul path and purpose.


Soul Path is evident in early childhood before the age of 7 years. This first cycle of life makes a clear distinction and the child is usually performing on a soul path level.

Think back to your childhood: what were you doing? Try not to be too literal; instead, recall what interested you, expand on the idea of the activity, and see how they could fit possibly fit into your life now.

As a child, I would round up my stuffed animals---all 20 of them---and put them into my closet, on the dressing table, bringing them orange juice. I would then get my big yellow story book, which had authors' names in the back. I would then act like a secretary, making appointments for the animals whose names were in the book.

I would then consult with each and every animal. I wanted to help them. Through a child's mind, this is what my expression was. Later on in life, I realized this was a precursor to spiritual work, not nursing as I had thought as a child. I allowed society's boundaries to taper my soul path, by fixating on the faulty idea that nursing or social work was the goal. Once I took into consideration my gifts and my style of personal existence, it was easy to expand and take those qualities and combine my talents.

On a spiritual level, a child is completely aware of what they are to do and it is through belief systems and preconditioned ideas that one can get lost and move farther away from Soul Path or purpose. Belief systems are presented under the guise of helpful wisdom from those to whom we listen and respect in authority. These ideas are actually based on another person's ideas of what is best for you. This usually confuses your thinking and can deflect you from your path.

No two people come from the same sphere of reference or are completing the same work. Therefore, it is impossible for these well-meaning people to know your path or purpose. If we all were able to look and listen, if we could allow ourselves to feel the signals of life, if we let ourselves sense the subtle but tangible messages that continue to impart intellect through the aura daily, our own Divine Purpose would become evident.

Reflect back on childhood and what made you happy. Put a twist on it and move the idea into the present.

Soul Path can also be discovered in adulthood easily by taking what you like to do and doing it.

Yes, I know it sounds too simple, and yes, I know there are a million reasons why you can't just do what you like doing and do it.

Financial obligations and ramifications usually pop up as the first reason we cannot, and then the next reason is typically our lack of education which stops us. This last argument has always made me laugh, because as spiritual beings we have been deeply and universally educated throughout many lifetimes and are born with acquired knowledge. Another typical block that stands in the way of your path is your own need for approval of all people in your life.

Clearing away these useless notions can help move your thinking into the present and move the energy towards your path and happiness. Productive forward movement is what our focus will become. Here is a helpful exercise: first, write your fears on a piece of paper. Then put that piece of paper into a container filled with water and put the whole thing into the fridge. Yes, you read that correctly. The reason for this is that containment of the energy with a physical gesture suspends the thought and helps move it from your consciousness into an outer container which will then make it accessible to remove because it is no longer part of you.

Then, for the next three nights, do this right before you go to sleep: ask out loud for your soul path to become available in your thoughts, or come to you in a dream state and for you to become consciously aware of it. It will take three nights, a complete cycle, to hear the response. Listen to your thoughts carefully as you get up in the morning, as the knowledge will pop into your mind by way of little quick ideas that will pique your interest.

The next step takes 21 days---a cycle of 7 times 3---and this will clear the negative mind. We are using this time to clear away the reparative tapes played in the unconscious mind, the one that neither judges or rewards, it simply follows behavior rhythms. Tell yourself daily---regardless of your belief, if necessary---that your purpose will be made clear and you will follow it down the road of success and support on all different levels. Each time your mind creeps into a negative reference, counteract it with positive reference. It is not important to believe in the truth of it at this time; instead, this exercise is focused on creating thoughtful discipline throughout your thinking patterns. By the end of 21 days you will actually believe anything is possible.

To jolt the physical body into a different frequency, go outside and physically exert yourself by running, walking, swimming, etc., taking 20 minutes to do so. During this time, fill your mind with thoughts of your happiness and purpose--you are to think of nothing but your own strength and ability to create love with in your life. This exercise will actually chemically correct the negative mind into positive formulation and lead you to sing your path. It works every time.

Take a single step towards your path daily, move towards your passion.

Do not allow fear to stop your forward motion, for fear is only a thought and it is not based on any practical application. Fear is only your predicted outcome based on your frame of reference having nothing to do with the reality of the actual outcome. What you feel when fear creeps in is a whole lot of excuses which will surely stop you dead in your tracks.

Universally on all levels-- financially, physically ,emotionally as well as spiritually--you will be taken care of.

You will move forward on your path, and by testing this through these important exercises, a trust will build in your world with the universe which will embrace your moving further towards your purpose. If you follow your path you will be supported fully. It simply comes down to trusting in your own abilities to be happy and productive in this life.

Spiritually embracing and respectfully following your path not only ensures your happiness, but also serves a higher purpose as you teach others directly from your own actions that yes, it is indeed possible and blessed.

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