Your Monthly Horoscope
by Boo Ehrsam

February 2020

We will experience a slowdown this month after last month's hectic pace. Mercury will be going retrograde with the shadow phase beginning on the 2nd, and the actual retrograde begins in Pisces on the 16th.  A conjunction between the Sun and Mercury will happen in the last week of the month.  This will make us more susceptible to illusion!  Avoid making major decisions as there is the potential of being misled or that important details may be missed.

While we are still being affected by the exact Saturn/Pluto conjunction of last month.  Throughout this month they will be traveling together within two to four degrees of one another.  Mercury hovers retrograde in the background, allowing for the possibility of reconsidering commitments made last month.  This year's astrology stresses slow, steady, and stable progress.  Organizations and individuals will have the opportunity to modify or change any overly  ambitious plans so as to avoid failure from poor planning.

But we still have that beneficial sextile between Jupiter and Neptune this month, providing the needed spiritual support required to maintain the vital optimism and generosity needed for accomplishing a necessary but difficult mission.  So, we must take things slowly and to take it easy in the next few weeks.  There have been some emotional upheavals between the Solar Eclipse in Dec. and the Lunar Eclipse last month, we need time to process that.  Some important and possibly valuable revelations will come to the fore from the aftershocks caused by these eclipses.  It may help to solidify personal commitments.

That exact conjunction between Saturn and Pluto that we experienced last month, triggered an energy of upheaval that will echo throughout the year. 
They both are in Capricorn (structure, power) so emphasis this year may be on changes within governmental and societal systems.  Pluto, as a de-stabilizer, will expose and uproot that which is unhealthy or improperly functioning.  Saturn is at home in Capricorn (it is the ruler of Capricorn).  It can help constructively rebuild that which was deconstructed.  This can apply to ideology (destruction of old laws or systems) or to actual physical destruction of longstanding edifices and/or statues.

It will take time to rebuild new structures related to countries, societies, and/or ourselves.  This conjunction, rare in occurrence, is part of a larger cycle that is beginning to unfold.  With the Saturn/Pluto conjunction security will be a theme.  Those rising in power must be able to know how to address safety and security to keep us from being overly alarmed.  This is a challenging subject as people's notions of security differ.   The precarious situations we are facing in the world at this time could stir up mass insecurity potentially allowing for a power grab by those with a strong presence.  Strong personalities may not equate with the needed capabilities for taking control.

Capricorn is a sign that rules fear.  In order to make wise decisions, we must step back and get control of our own fears before proceeding.  This astrology is not implying comfort.  If you are feeling comfortable, check to see what you may be avoiding.  The best use of this information is to identify and address problems in a direct and pragmatic fashion.

Jupiter and Neptune are planets related to spirituality.  Currently they are in a favorable sextile which will be exact on the third week of this month, an ideal time to get in touch with our personal beliefs and to connect with our higher power.  This sextile supports creativity, new possibilities, and the feeling of a sense of interconnectivity.  This is a good time for utilizing idealism at work in creative ways.

Invoking our own personal compassion and generosity is a positive way to harness this energy.  The gifts this sextile is offering is most obvious when we test our sights beyond personal gain and consider ways to help the disadvantaged.  There will be possibilities of increasing our earnings or materialresources.  The emphasis will be on including the greater good in our planning.  This sextile will be in effect for the majority of the year, and will be exact again in July and October.

So, Mercury will be retrograde in Pisces.  This will initiate a period of personal reflection.  The shadow period begins February 2nd while the official retrograde dates are from February 16th to March 9th.  This retrograde cycle will support finishing those projects that have been on hold.  Forcing actions or connections is likely to be unsuccessful.  Not feeling up to socializing?  The Universe is giving you permission to cancel social plans.  It is time to slow our pace and replenish energy levels.  Mercury retrograde in Pisces may enhance our intuition and bring is to new revelations.  But decisions will best be put off until Mercury resumes a forward path.  For now, go with the flow and stay in the moment.

Mercury will kick off other retrograde cycles by the inner planets.  Venus and Mars will both go retrograde in the coming months.  For the most part, a slow and steady pace in our thinking and actions will be beneficial this year.  These retrograde cycles will support messages from the outer planets, directing us to proceed with an eye on the long-term results rather than instant gratification.  Patience is the key this year.

Sagittarius hosts Mars until the 15th when it moves to Capricorn.  Travel looks good until Mercury goes retrograde the following day.  Friendly competition and physical activity are favored, just avoid accidents or confrontations (likely to be more common).  Be safe!  Once Mars enters Capricorn on the 16th, focus will be on business ventures and long-term planning.  But cool your heels a bit until Mercury goes direct.  Write down ideas and concepts, but wait until after March 9th to start something new.  Meanwhile continue on projects and agreements already begun, finishing up what was started before starting anew.

We start the month with Venus in Pisces, a sign in which it is exalted, a sign of unconditional love.  It urges us to forgive others and ourselves.  Then on the 7thVenus hits Aries and Love heats up!  Both Venus and Mars will be in fire signs on the 14th, igniting passions on Valentine‚Äôs Day.  Venus in Aries gives us new self-confidence.  Taking care of ourselves becomes prioritized.  Show your body a little gratitude.  Yes, this month is exciting in the area of Love, BUT avoid making any new relationship commitments while Mercury remains in retrograde.  Take things slowly with someone new.

The Full Moon will shine on the 9th in Leo.  Egos can be inflated at this time.  This too will pass.

The New Moon will occur in Pisces on the 23rd.  Pisces rules unconditional love, imagination, psychic abilities, sensitivity, inner happiness, spiritual
healing, and addictions.  When planting wishes to grow with the Moon, concentrate in these areas.  As Mercury is retrograde, take time to create a list of wishes.  There may be more than you thought.

Feb. 1st - Feb. 9th   For those seeking light beyond the day to day grind, Mercury will be on the Sun/Neptune midpoint and the Sun is on the Jupiter/Neptune midpoint.  The Sun is also in the process of separating from a square with the Uranian planet Poseidon.  Those who seek the truth can do so by expanding their consciousness by relaxing and following its guiding light.  For many, this could be a time of fantasy and illusion.

Feb. 9th - Feb. 15th   The 9th-10th is chock full of aspects!  Mercury is strong, and Pluto is on the Sun/Mars midpoint.  It will be easy to lose your temper and to speak harshly.  Instead, channel this energy into hard work and intense mental work.  On the 10th Mercury will be on the Jupiter/Uranus midpoint.  Anticipate more phone calls and e-mails.  There could be a surprise invite or good news!

Feb. 15th - Feb. 23rd   There will be a lighter, brighter feel as Jupiter sextiles Neptune on the 20th.  This is a goof time for marketing and selling.  With the
aid of Neptune, the seller is able to paint an optimistic picture in customers' minds.  But it might not be the best time to buy.  Over optimism could lead to paying too much for a product or service.  Neptune will transit over the Sun/Venus midpoint on the 15th.  Romantic feelings will come to the fore.  The power of attraction will be strong.  This is also a favorable time for designing and selling clothes.

Feb. 23rd - March 2nd   The Sun will be on the Venus/Pluto midpoint.  Devotion within a relationship can deepen.  However, beware of the interference of Pluto, which can raise feelings of jealousy.  It has been said, Pluto/Venus can "tie one to the apron strings" or tempt one to "control the purse strings"!  With Mars opposing the Uranian planet Hades on the 28th, Negative feelings of aggression may rise up from up the dark part of one's soul under this aspect.  Avoid giving in to such negativity.  Fortunately, this too shall pass.

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