Your Monthly Horoscope
by Boo Ehrsam

April, 2020

It is said, that astrologically, years ending in 0 are generally down years financially.  Something to know.

April is the calm before the storm.  Next month we will be hit by a round of
retrograde planets!  Of course, this will disrupt any attempts at "business as
usual".  And we'll get to face going over old things and finishing up the
unfinished.  The shadow phase of Venus retrograde actually starts this month.  Though the actual retrograde will be May 13th through June 24th.  Initiate matters dealing with money and love prior to the 9th, as it will get harder to do as the month progresses.  So, enjoy April while it lasts!

The Jupiter/Pluto conjunction will be exact this month.  Its effects will be felt the most between the 1st through the 6th.  It is saying "Time to let go of
emotional/psychological and material baggage!"  Human Nature's underside has been showing itself.  We are getting extra close close ups of things we have been ignoring.  Releasing and transforming is Pluto's goal for you.  Jupiter will soften things by offering gifts to those willing to do what is necessary to elevate themselves to a higher consciousness.  Jupiter does rule law and order, we may see some authority figures held to account for past wrongdoing!

The Jupiter/Pluto conjunction will be exact at 24° Capricorn.  While it is exact between the 1st and the 6th, it will remain in tight orb all month.  This
conjunction won't be as harsh as the Saturn/Pluto conjunction that dominated
the start of the year.

Because Jupiter has a magnifying effect on any energy it encounters, it will hit us with uncensored views of things we have ignored and preferred not to
examine.  Globally it will focus its uncensored view of government and of
business and of society in general, all of which are ruled by Capricorn.  Both
Jupiter and Pluto have spiritual energies that will emphasize the mystical and
 unknown.  We need to carefully acknowledge existing reality in order to
explore the many possibilities that could be.  All over the world people need to identify the healing energies our planet and humanity need.  Traditions as well as rules and laws need to be reexamined.  Those clinging to outmoded ideas will put up resistance to change as their fears of the unknown will be activated. 

Self-examination in our own lives is imperative.  (Particularly those born under Capricorn's influence.)  Jupiter, however, will help all Sun Signs in sharing its generous energies.  The more effort we put into our goals, the better the rewards.  Don't count on shortcuts, they will be few and far between.  Be impeccable in ethical standards.  If you are operating above board, this could be a fortunate month for business.  If shadiness exists, it is likely to be exposed!

Meanwhile Saturn is edging its way into Aquarius and will loosely square
Uranus.  Saturn is a co-ruler of Aquarius, along with Uranus.  With Saturn at
1° Aquarius, and Uranus moving from 5° to 6° Taurus we'll get a hint of what's to come when Saturn and Uranus make an exact square in 2021.  So, the picture is that of stable Saturn in revolutionary Aquarius and radical Uranus in reliable Taurus.  No telling how this will affect Aquarians!  Things may start out as chaotic rebellion to settle into new orders of business.  Squares are tense aspects, but with planets with such oozing energies, the tension may be ramped up! 

Globally we are ripe for new technological advancements with disciplined
Saturn in innovative Aquarius and inventive Uranus in nurturing Taurus. 
Idealism may cause a bit of a clash when it pushes progress at the expense of
the environment.  We need environmentally minded inventors to find solutions to our planets many problems caused by human action.

Citizens will need to ante up, putting their money behind their principles by
supporting businesses and products that provide sustainability for the Earth. 
And we ourselves need to reinvent ourselves, becoming proper stewards of our planet.  We will need to reevaluate our use of time and energy and resources.  It is time to break bad habits and to encourage new good habits.  We need more flexibility in our work lives.  We need to strategize ways to free ourselves from unnecessary burdens and burdensome expenses. 

On the 25th, Pluto will station retrograde at 24° Capricorn.  Jupiter will only be 2 degrees away at 26° Capricorn.  Pluto, which rules power and control and truth, will turn inward.  It may feel there is less going on in the world, and visible power struggles may seem to lessen.  But people will simply be working on their agendas behind the scenes.

This will be a good time to research truth, to uncover it with research and
formal investigations.  There may be less desire to take action during the
retrograde pattern (April 25th - Oct. 4th).  Instead we should assess the
problems and research possible solutions.  Negotiations are favorable at the end of the month, and conflicts may be postponed while research continues.

Internal investigations are beneficial now.  Time to review who or what might hold power over you.  Perhaps a personal obsession has blinded your viewpoint and blocking possible opportunities.  Let go of unhealthy attachments in your personal or professional life.

Pisces will host Mercury until the 10th, communications will have a gentle
energy.  This is a time when intuitive powers are at their peak, it’s also positive for creative thinking.  Then Mercury enters Aries on the 10th and the atmosphere changes.  Best to hit pause before speaking, ditto for writing.  Aries often speaks impulsively and regrets the effect of those words later.  But, while in Aries, direct communication may be easier.  Utilize this energy to speak positively by engaging in honest communication that may clear up misunderstandings.

On the 3rd, Venus will enter Gemini inspiring romantic and creative curiosity. Inquiring about our loved ones lives and feelings is to the fore.  Learning more about people we love can enhance relationships.  In Gemini, Venus inspires clever conversation and may inspire spontaneous activities, which can spice up romantic connections.  While April benefits relations, serious commitments are not likely at this time.  And on the 10th, Venus will enter shadow retrograde, making solidifying relationships challenging as the month goes forward.  Venus goes properly retrograde on May 13th until June 25th.  If you are really serious about a relationship, this might be the best time for making a move, otherwise don't make any permanent decisions until after the 25th, when things will seem more clear.

Mars will be hanging in Aquarius all month, inspiring a search for something
new and different.  Keep your mind open to new ideas and be open to
experimentation with various methods.  This is a positive time to break out of old patterns and to try out innovative approaches to work and life.  However, there may be a tendency to overthinking situations.  Don't go extreme when small adjustments might work.  Don't reinvent the wheel.  See what's working, and at the most just tweak things for improvement.

The 7th is the Full Moon in Libra.  Balance is the key to a Libran Full Moon.  Don't allow emotions to get unbalanced, someone might be hurt.  Remember, this too shall pass.

The New Moon will be in Taurus on the 22nd.  With Taurus ruling such areas as ecological systems, financial abundance, art, patience, perseverance, loyalty, boundaries, self-awareness, and release of stubbornness.  Pray for hopes and wishes encompassing these things so they may grow with the Moon.

April 1st - April 7th   On the 4th Jupiter and Pluto will be conjunct Pluto
at 24°53' Capricorn and just 1° from Pallas, close to the heliocentric node of
Saturn.  There is potential for development of new technological inventions. 
There may be disruptions and possibly obstacles.  Saturn serves as the structural base of this aspect, needed for advancement.  Pallas offers ingenuity and the Jupiter/Pluto connection offers the power and infrastructure needed for success in these endeavors.  Pallas may represent precision instruments and tools.  Implications may be that all electronic items will be connected to the internet.  Plans started now may go well.  If these aspects connect favorably with your horoscope, you may stand to benefit

April 7th - April 14th   Plans are potentially apt to come to fruition on the 9th and 10th.  Saturn is conjunct the Mars/Jupiter and the Mars/Pluto midpoints.  Saturn tends to stabilize the creative energy of the outer planets.  The 11th and 12th are likely to be similar as Mercury occupies the Venus/Jupiter and Venus/Pluto midpoints.  This is a good time for negotiations with government agencies and/or large institutions.  This time makes them more receptive to dealing with people's problems.  Need to deal with these groups?  Now is the time.

April 14th - April 22nd   All of the inner planets will be busy on the 17th.  Lots of aspects, in particular the Sun/Mars = Neptune is strongest.  That will
challenge any progress being made.  While Mars-Neptune helps actions, but not those with goals involving self-interest.  Charitable giving is advised.  Any physical activities involving the enhancement of the spirit is advised.  Tai Chi and dancing are examples.

April 22nd - April 30th   The 25th is the day Pluto is stationary retrograde.  It is conjunct Jupiter and square Mercury (within less than a degree).  Keep
confidential matters close to the vest, particularly about financial matters. 
Mercury-Pluto can start as a leak and suddenly burst into a flood.  Words may be taken out of context and communications may be misunderstood.  Be
particularly careful when speaking with government, insurance agencies, and
with large institutions.

April 30th - May 6th   With Mars on the Neptune/ Pluto midpoint covert action is represented.  Stuff is going on behind the scenes.  There is an energetic combination when Mars is on the Jupiter/Neptune midpoint.  However, any results may not live up to inflated expectations.  Then on the 4th, Neptune landson the Mercury/ Jupiter midpoint which can inflate expectations beyond reason. Neptune can be deceptive.  This will be a good time to sell, but not to buy.  In the former, the belief is that the item is of great value, in the latter, after optimism fades, there may be the uncomfortable feeling that the item was way overpriced.

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