9 Birthdays

9th Day of the Month
A birthday on the ninth day of the month indicates publicity, distribution, art, broadmindedness and philanthropy (defined in The Wizard of Oz as "good deed doing"). You're interested in metaphysics and relate them to what's going on in the world. Literary, artistic and strong willed, you're a natural ruler who can succeed in almost anything artistic, as well as writing, teaching, law, publishing or the ministry. You need a broad education so that you can better choose your profession. You belong both in and to the world, making it difficult for you to lead a purely personal life successfully. Marriage during the middle portion of your life is likely to end, through death, divorce or some other separation, though the love may remain intact. Yours is a life filled with long journeys and many changes.

18th Day of the Month
A birthday on the eighteenth day of the month indicates a person whose life is filled with change, activity and travel. You may find yourself responsible for the care of groups or communities that will tap your fund of helpfulness. Much is expected of you because much has been given to you: The independence of the 1 and the efficiency of the 8, manifesting to mankind through the 9. Since you don't like to take advice, it's as well that you rarely need it. You're drawn to any large field in need of efficient administration (e.g., law, politics, religion), and although your first efforts may not always succeed, you do succeed on repetition - so try, try again. Somewhat emotional, you are nonetheless intellectual and enjoy both reasoning and arguing. These traits equip you well as a drama critic, writer or speaker. In money matters you are never rash, for you feel the responsibility of handling material assets. Marriages or engagements made during the middle portion of your life are likely to be broken.

27th Day of the Month
A birthday on the twenty-seventh day of the month indicates a more materially inclined individual than those born on the other "9" birthdays (9th and 18th). The 27 is a strong marriage vibration, though the experience may be disappointing. You're forceful, quietly determined but somewhat erratic, a natural leader who cannot be satisfied in a subordinate position. Neither do you like to account for your own conduct. Versatile and artistic, you also have literary talents and could be a journalist, writer, lecturer or teacher. You're ardent in your affections but tend to overdo family traits. Your religious tendencies are toward Eastern beliefs and away from orthodoxy.


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