8 Birthdays

8th Day of the Month
A birthday on the eighth day of the month indicates a creative, productive individual with natural business acumen. Progressive and expansive, you deal well in matters of general or public interests, but should avoid equal partnerships because you need to be in a position to make the final decisions. Large businesses, corporations or government are your bailiwick, in any of which you must express honesty and integrity in order to be permanently successful. More fond of books than you are of reading, you're inclined toward large gestures; if you have it, you give great sums of money to institutions or charities. You are somewhat ostentatious and want your family to be a credit to you.

17th Day of the Month
A birthday on the seventeenth day of the month indicates a high minded, proud spirited individual, sometimes liberal, sometimes conservative, generous or stingy, collecting or dissipating. Very set in your ideas, you seldom yield to others; in business you do best at the head of the enterprise, working with under-partners. You execute whatever you do, have a particular talent for managing the interests and affairs of others, and are drawn to dealing in large affairs. The details are for someone else to take care of, since you hate to be bothered with them. You can be successful in any enterprise connected with the earth (e.g., land, mining, oil, livestock), as well as writing, though you are more inclined to technical or historical writing than to fiction. You love knowledge and like to explore. When it comes to spiritual matters, you want proof.

26th Day of the Month

A birthday on the twenty-sixth day of the month indicates an individual with full closets and drawers, for nothing is too small for practical use, and you just know that you'll need it if you get rid of it. You're very introspective and tend to live in the past - to the detriment of the present and future. Although you start many things, you find it hard to finish them, and either rise above or fall below average - as you choose. You can commercialize anything in the artistic lines - except music - in a big way. You can also do well in politics or diplomacy, and should have a good education. You have a beautiful domestic nature, love home and children and are the "marrying kind." Fastidious about your personal belongings and fond of color and show in the clothes you wear, you nonetheless do not insist on physical comforts and are very generous to others.
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