7 Birthdays

7th Day of the Month
A birthday on the seventh day of the month indicates a specialist, one with a keen mind capable of deep mental analysis. You shouldn't gamble or speculate; on the contrary, you must closely examine every detail of any enterprise before becoming involved in it. Strongly intuitive if not psychic, you should never take advice that goes against your "gut feelings." You must WAIT for what you want rather than aggressively seek it, for what you long for comes to you only if it is not actively sought. You have talent for stringed instruments (including the piano) and the organ, as well as excellent judgment in money matters. Your opinions are firm and you don't like to change them; moreover, physical adjustments are not easy for you and you tend to be a loner, all of which makes marriage difficult. Spend a portion of each day alone to relax and meditate.

16th Day of the Month
A birthday on the sixteenth day of the month indicates a nervous and sometimes irritable person who makes complications and intricacies and then suffers the consequences. Naturally aloof, you nonetheless lean toward home and affection. Though you can suceed in art or literature, your powers of reason and analysis demand a business outlet as well. While not actively aggressive, you don't like your plans interfered with. You tend to put off until whenever the things you know you should be doing right now, and live too much within yourself. As much as you want affection, you don't always make the effort to earn it.

25th Day of the Month
A birthday on the twenty-fifth day of the month indicates a naturally prophetic and intuitive person with a strong leaning toward the occult. You tend to conceal your true feelings and as a result are not always understood. Artistically gifted, you can commercialize almost any area of art to which you are inclined. Success can also be enjoyed in the professions, business or the constructive side of politics. You tend to be vacillating and inconsistent, and until you overcome this tendency your affairs will suffer. It's imperative that you learn to concentrate, force your mind into stability and away from a sense of inferiority, self-pity and depression. Your affections are your greatest weakness, and you must always stay on the straight and narrow, for there's a strong tendency to wander from the path that inclines you to preach morals but practice excess. Idealistic and hopeful, you need to work against laziness.


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