6 Birthdays

6th Day of the Month
A birthday on the sixth day of the month indicates a love nature. You bloom with praise and appreciation, but wilt in the face of criticism. When involved in a relationship you lavish your affection on your beloved - at least for as long as the relationship lasts. The 6 seeks perfection and seldom finds it, so it looks elsewhere. Following such a course will earn you a reputation for being untrustworthy. You love children but don't have to have your own to be happy. Even though you are well protected, you worry constantly about not having enough money. Mental rather than intellectual, you have natural acting abilities that can help you succeed on the stage or in business. You have literary and artistic tendencies, and can attract the money or backing you need. The one area in which you are not talented is mechanics. Having people around you in a harmonious atmosphere is essential to your well being.

15th Day of the Month
A birthday on the fifteenth day of the month indicates a gifted person under the protection of the kindly, harmonious six who absorbs knowledge rather than acquires it through hard study. In fact, you attract many things - friends, gifts, money, opportunities, and give the impression of youthfulness and good health. You're capable of much self-sacrifice for a good cause or to help a friend, but you will not submit to domination. Your mind is scientific but your expession is often musical; although your success lies in a professional career, music plays a pivotal role throughout your life. You love your home, and while you are demonstrative and generous, you are more inclined toward individual acts of charity than to institutional philanthropy.

24th Day of the Month
A birthday on the twenty-fourth day of the month indicates an extremely active person who must keep on the go in order to avoid wasting energy. Though you concentrate on one thing at a time, you thrive on constant change; you aren't the type to retire because you need to keeping expanding and enlarging. You're strongly allied to art and have considerable talent for the stage - your nature is thoroughly dramatic - but are more likely to succeed in business or real estate. Externals don't count much with you, so you don't have much appreciation for the value of time or money. You're primarily practical, with a little inclination to dream and a large inclination to magnify your joys and sorrows. You have a decidedly domestic nature along with a well developed ego and will learn much through your powers of observation. Avoid depression, jealousy and worry

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