4 Birthdays

4th Day of the Month
A birthday on the fourth day of the month indicates a four-square individual, a lover of nature, home, family and country. You are most likely to be successful in manufacturing, building, utilities, textiles - any occupation connected with the products of the earth. Music, painting or sculpting offer relaxing sidelines, although you could commercialize any of these as well. You're rather set in your ideas and tend to impose them on others, seeing yourself as the final arbiter of good manners and correct ethics. Your belief in discipline makes it hard for you to express your feelings, and as a result you suffer a great deal emotionally. When it comes to work, you drive yourself tirelessly -- and, unfortunately, everyone else, too. You have a decided tendency to overwork and if need be should schedule time for recreation.

13th Day of the Month

A birthday on the thirteenth day of the month indicates a riddle inside a contradiction, creativity, expansion and restlessness (1+3) behind regularity and limitation (4). You are sensitive and spiritual, suffer through your environment, and are given to explosions of temper. Your good mind is offset by an exceptionally stubborn will, and while you have a strong love nature, you seldom show it and then suffer because of it. Often misunderstood, you are considered temperamental and at times unreasonable, and while you are inclined to be dictatorial, you are an excellent manager. Your best success is in dealing with the earth - mining, geology, practical construction. A walking dichotomy, you love a uniform but hate war. Home is essential to your happiness.

22nd Day of the Month

A birthday on the twenty-second day of the month indicates a high powered individual who functions in both the objective and subjective worlds. This is a master vibration and as such, nervous and over-stimulated; you need rest and seclusion in order to recharge and maintain your equilibrium. Highly intuitive, you should rely on your first impressions. Although you have unlimited power on both planes, you are constantly pulled between expressing your ideals and keeping them within constructive limits. The 22 bears the mission of universal utilitarianism, which leaves little room for personal ambitions. Your greatest success lies in the world of form, in any line that meets your ideals and contributes to the general good. Avoid any dubious or illegal transactions; you would be sure to be caught and suffer the consequences.

31st Day of the Month

A birthday on the 31st day of the month indicates a person who, like those born on the thirtieth, shouldn't play with psychic phenomena. Your aspirations aren't always reasonable, which leads to disappointments; you need to apply practicality and patient hard work to your endeavors in order to succeed. You don't like to live alone and responsibility is a stabilizer for you, so it makes sense that you're the "marrying kind." You have good business qualities but need to get a grip on your tendency to spend money and dissipate other assets foolishly. Interior decoration, writing, chemistry and pharmacy (you have a special talent for combining drugs and medicines) are other career avenues for which you are well suited. You never forget a kindness - or an injury, real or imagined.
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