3 Birthdays

3rd Day of the Month
A birthday on the third day of the month indicates that you have great vitality and can quickly recover from illness. Your vivid imagination enables you to make a good story out of the smallest event. You have innate critical and literary abilities, and need a variety of interests to keep you busy. Intense and extreme in your affections, you have great emotional crises from which you recover quickly. You're a social animal, expressive in public and at your top form in front of an audience. Although you are restless, you are also easily satisfied and able to make the best of conditions.

12th Day of the Month
A birthday on the twelfth day of the month indicates a brilliant, magnetic, imaginative person, a good speaker who can be very convincing in an argument. Since you have a well balanced mind, artistic tendencies and enjoy life and action, you could succeed as a trial lawyer, actor or in sales/advertising. Your high ideals demand that you have a "mission" in life. You need to keep intellectually active to avoid the ups and downs that are the handicap of all 3's. Your flair for design would serve you well in architecture or interior decorating. Flirtatious and inclined toward affairs, you need to finish what you start and avoid the tendency to scatter.

21st Day of the Month
A birthday on the twenty-first day of the month indicates an individual blessed with a beautiful singing and speaking voice that is a significant asset. Magnetic and musical, fond of beauty, art and dancing, you are rather nervous and high strung. You need to get a grip on the inexplicable aversions you feel toward certain things and people. When it comes to love you're more receptive than active in expressing it, but you take great pride in the objects of your affections. Your active imagination leads you to be suspicious, which can cause serious problems in relationships, especially marriage. Avoid the tendency to brood or become depressed. Inherently drawn to books, publishing, editing and related fields, you can be very successful in anything educational.

30th Day of the Month
A birthday on the thirtieth day of the month indicates a vital, rather nervous individual who seldom suffers from illnesses thanks to an enviable ability to throw them off. You need to avoid any type of obsession and should never experiment with the occult "for fun." Set in your opinions, you always think you're right, basing your conclusions on a little knowledge combined with much imagination and intuition. Fundamentally loyal, a true friend, you would make a good teacher, writer or social worker. You're flirtatious, but fundamentally loyal and like to be thanked for the thoughtful things you do. Although you're an excellent manager, you're not terribly fond of work.

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