2 Birthdays

2nd Day of the Month
A birthday on the second day of the month indicates that you are highly emotional and very sensitive to your environment. Somewhat nervous and forgetful, you make friends easily and they have great fondness for you. You're warm hearted and need demonstrated affection, so you like people to make a fuss over you. It's important that you avoid mood swings and anything that depresses you. While you like material comfort, you aren't always willing to make the effort to get it. Your talent for rhythm can be expressed in writing poetry or music.

11th Day of the Month
A birthday on the eleventh day of the month indicates an inspired, imaginative individual with determination and perseverance, but with fluctuating levels of energy. In keeping with this master vibration, you are very dramatic in both thought and action, brilliant, scintillating, but nervous and high strung. You react quickly - shoot from the hip - and need to be careful that your intellect doesn't bury your intuition. There's a tendency for you to impose your own moral code on others and not allow for human frailty. Your passions are intense, extreme and without reason; in fact, you are a person of extremes all around, in the clouds one minute, in the pits the next. In reacting to these extremes, take care not to overcorrect. Guard your health and nerves, and avoid any tendency to be mercenary, acquisitive or self-aggrandizing.

20th Day of the Month
A birthday on the twentieth day of the month indicates a person best suited to small business, in a friendly, protective atmosphere. You prefer to work with others rather than shoulder all the responsibility yourself, and are somewhat disinclined to branch out into larger fields. Although you are a better speaker on paper than before crowds, your instinctive compassion and sensitivity suits you well to politics or ministry. Sympathetic and affectionate, you're able to accumulate a store of knowledge and should have a good education. Your attention to detail makes you well suited to professions demanding that trait, such as corporate law or estate management. You prefer the country to the city and are deeply vested in your home, family and friends. While you like to be helpful, you're not inclined toward avoidable manual labor. Musical expression uplifts you, though you should pursue this as part of a group rather than a soloist.

29th Day of the Month
A birthday on the twenty-ninth day of the month indicates inspiration, spirituality and leadership abilities, since this is a master vibration (2+9=11). You have a unique ability to bring together disparate forces and can mediate labor problems or unify religious differences. Your powers are great; you can use them to bring honor or destruction to yourself and others - as you choose. You're an extremist in everything, intense in love and judgments, either way up or way down emotionally. Home is essential to your happiness, but you're high strung and moody, and not easy to live with. You get absorbed in your dreams, aspirations and plans and forget to consider the needs or feelings of those around you. You need a definite work to keep you balanced and efficient.

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