1 Birthdays

1st Day of the Month
A birthday on the first day of the month means that you have a strong will, are self-reliant and independent. People may say you "think too much," because you like to plan but not to actually build. Similarly, you're better at diagnosing what's wrong than prescribing a remedy. You have a good mind and like to reason things out. Practical and idealistic at the same time, you refer most things to your head rather than to your heart. As a result, although you are capable of great affection, you are not usually demonstrative of it. In spite of all your independence you are very sensitive and need positive feedback and encouragement. You possess a great deal of unexpressed power.

10th Day of the Month
A birthday on the tenth day of the month indicates a person with many interests, capable of doing several things at the same time. Many others depend on you but few offer help, so you may feel rather isolated and alone. You have a good mind and strong will, and are an adept promoter of things you believe in. When it comes to friends and possessions (which you may regard in the same light) you are quite jealous and exclusive - you do not share either. Your creative talent is best expressed in the business world, but art, particularly music or painting, is a fulfilling sideline. Hospitable but not domestic, you don't like to be burdened with the details of maintaining a home. Your vitality enables you to quickly recover from physical and emotional ills.

19th Day of the Month
A birthday on the nineteenth day of the month indicates the full gamut of the vibrations, from 1 through 9, influencing your personality. Logical, persevering, tenacious, practical , artistic and universal, you can rise to great heights or fall to great depths in both acts and emotions. You're independent and must not submit to limitations. This independence is the source of your dislike of society's conventions, which you refuse to follow in your private life, though you don't give public offense. Your versatility opens a wide range of career options for you, though you are suited to a profession rather than to business. Your deep sense of responsibility and strong impulse to better conditions equip you well for politics if you are so inclined. You crave change and variety, are always altering your surroundings and will need to make many adjustments in your personal life.

28th Day of the Month
A birthday on the twenty-eighth day of the month indicates a strong willed, dominant, tenacious person who is nonetheless filled with love and willing to go to any lengths for its sake. In this regard, your unions may be unconventional, but are always in keeping with your ideals. Executive by nature, you want to excel and will make great sacrifices to do so. Your tendency to daydream and goof off could nullify all your wonderful gifts, so you must never let laziness get the upper hand. Most of your disappointments come from magnifying everything that concerns your life. Freedom is essential to you; you suffer when restrained or limited in any way. Watch out for the tendency to drop your ideals once you have realized them, since this can deny you your final success.

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